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Where in NYC to buy a headphone amp right now?

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I got myself a little Christmas gift in the form of Beyerdynamic DT990 660 Ohm.  It's a huge stretch for me, but I decided I deserve it.  I figured with the holiday shipping grind there's no way they'd get here until next week.  Turns out I was wrong; they are here right now!  Now I need a proper amp so I can listen to them.  I noticed B&H Photo and J&R Electronics have tons of pro headphone amps (Behringer, ART, Samson etc) but the only proper headphone amp seems to be the Fiio E9 at B&H.


I use my computer and iPhone exclusively for music.  I listen to a broad variety of music but prefer hard rock and heavy metal.  That said, I'm bobbing my head to Cousteau at the moment and Anamanaguchi earlier).  I also have Shure srh840, Etymotic H3 and Grado sr225.  I own a Fiio e11 for when I want to use my 840s with my iPhone.


Do any Head-Fi'ers know about a good place in NYC I can scope out some more good options? My budget right now is up to $150, absolute stretch would be $200 (and I mean absolute).  It's also always good to know of more solid places than the famous ones in this city.  Show off your knowledge of the best spots here!

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In that price range?




- mechan

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Fiio E9 for DT990? I really think your DT990 deserves better...

I think by getting a headphone amp cheaper than your headphone you are not fully exploiting its potential at all.

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DO NOT get a tiny portable amp for a 600 ohm headphone.  Get a used NFB-12 from audio-gd on the for sale forum, or something else that has some power to it.  Those headphones need some power

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I have the same headphones.  Not sure of stores in NYC.  The Woo amps are a great match for those cans (and NYC made!) but the lowest model is $500.  You may want to look at amps by Trends, I tried one in my local shop and it was good with dt990 250.

Another suggestion I don't think many people look at is using an external sound card.  You can buy a lexicon alpha for $60.  I have one and tried my 600Ohm DT990s on it and it is capable of driving them.  One of the features:


High-powered headphone amp offers ultra-clear fidelity while delivering ample power for any type of headphones. 


Good luck,


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