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Drivers are never completly identical, especially with standard headphone, you can have some dB of difference between right and left.


My Wife is deaf in one ear, we never knew how it was happened.

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I've had ringing improve. After one week of wearing earbuds to the gym I got a loud ringing in my ears. I had been turning the volume up to overcome the gym noise. I stopped wearing them to the gym (but still wore headphones at home) and after two weeks the ringing subsided.
Wearing headphones (especially the Walkman-style) during exercise is also dangerous to hearing. Aerobic exercise diverts blood from the ears to the limbs, and leaves the inner ear more vulnerable to damage from loud sound. A Swedish study estimated that the risk of hearing loss is doubled when listening to headphones at high volume during aerobic exercise. The study recommends limiting headphone use during exercise to one-half hour per day at half volume.
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I've heard Magnesium is helpful.


You might also try the Debrox solution, and the indirect water syringe thing.


I listen in the low 70 dB range, verified with RadioShack meter set to C Weighting, Fast, Max, and using a good seal. I don't enjoy loud music.

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Originally Posted by SanjiWatsuki View Post

80dB should be a safe listening volume.



Are you sure? I have adjusted the volume with my phones to around 80 dB with a SPL meter, and I would consider this very loud. Not deafening loud, but still loud - I could not listen at this volume for more than a few minutes. The upper limit I usually listen to headphones is around 75 dB.


The best advice I can give is not to listen to headphones while doing something else - especially while exercising or walking around in a loud environment. Most people tend to listen at a much higher volume level when doing so.


Also, I strongly recommend not to listen to headphones while posting on head-fi (or otherwise surfing the web). I have been doing this for way too loong and way too often, and I am afraid it is the case with most people here. I have noticed that I turn up the volume much higher while reading or posting on head-fi... Besides (possibly even more important), it distracts you from the music. Just listening to music with closed eyes, without doing something else at the same time, is a completely different experience...

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Thanks for the advice and suggestions. I think the doctor suggested the only possible solution to improve my hearing (if it is not permanent hearing loss). He also inspected on the microscope and told me that my ear drums are perfect and he hasnt seen better ones. So i guess there is hope for me to improve my hearing. Probably will take another hearing test at a different institute before giving up headphones :)

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