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I would either stretch your budget by $20-$30 or find a pair of used Beyerdynamic DT770-Pro 80.



Comfort: Insane comfort levels. I used them for gaming for a few years and used them on 30+ hour plane rides.

Closed: You block some outside noise, and people don't hear your games.

Bass: Tons of bass for hip-hop and games!

Build Quality: You can throw them in a backpack and never have to worry about them.


Like I said, I used them for gaming for a long time until upgrading recently to DT990/600's. The DT770-Pro 80 just does such a good job for "fun" gaming with the added bass. Hip-hop/rap will sound excellent with them too. They don't "require" and amp either. It's worth looking into them.

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What sound card do you currently have in your computer?

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Thanks noname I'll look into them as well.


PurpleAngel, I just have integrated sound. I have a GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 as my mobo if it matters.


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A lot of people must have defective Zalmans, because there's PLENTY with the same issues I have. It almost never works, costs 10 times as much as the Dealextreme mic that functions 100% of the time.

You literally have to be in a room with ZERO ambient noises (no fan), and SCREAM into the damn mic for it to pick up your voice.
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I had the issue of mine picking up too much noise. The only complaint I've had against it is that it picks up sound from all around, not just specifically in front of your mouth. If I have a roommate or something of the sort being too loud, it can be unfortunate, but if it is used in a reasonable environment, it is a perfectly fine mic.


I've never had to scream into the mic. I can whisper and it'll pick it up.

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