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good isolating headphones for teen with auditory sensitivity?

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I'm not an audiophile but rather mom to an almost-teen who hates loud, with a sibling who is loud.  We are looking for a good pair of isolating phones for our son to use with iPod/mp3/dvd player/no sound input, especially in the car (read, enclosed space, close quarters, long road trip.)  Details in order of importance:  isolation, physical comfort, durability, cool, cost.  Would prefer to keep first pair under $100 (he tends to leave his stuff lying around!!) but can go higher. 


This looked like a great place to ask!  I appreciate any advice about what's out there.




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Isolating iems (earphones) or headphones?


If iems, some of the best isolation you can get outside of pricey customs 'phones have to be Etymotics. They isolate more than even some professional grade earplugs. But they are a love it or hate it type phone, they do not enhance sound in any way, they are just simply accurate and detailed. To some that means deficient bass, piercing highs, etc., but to some it is love at first listen.

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Options to explore:







Very best,

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Does your son like good sound quality? If fidelity is not important to him (ie. is he happily using ibuds?) than perhaps this may be a better choice:




I use the Howard Leight L0F, which is essentially this earmuff without any audio drivers at all, and they're great, with 23 dB attenuation. I use it in the library for studying. These ones I posted seem to have even more attenuation (25 dB), and may be a good choice if isolation is the primary objective.  

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm checking them out.  I had thought headphones rather than iems because some reviews of iems mention having to fiddle with them to get them in the most effective position, which I imagine would drive him crazy, but then headphones are bulky...He's not concerned about fidelity (yet) and for his iPod happily uses the cheap ear buds with tangled cords that are lying around our house. Guess I better ask him his druthers on the physical comfort question:) 





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You might want to get him some portable headphones like these if he doesn't want bulky ones.

These fold up and will isolate quite nicely because of their on-ear fit. But they might not be exactly as comfortable as headphones that rest around the ear. But the shiny red color should help prevent him from losing them =P.
(There are actually a ton of other color options, but different colors have different prices for some reason.)


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