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For Sale: IC: Audiotailor Jade Tube amplifier

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For Sale:
IC: Audiotailor Jade Tube amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought brand new a year ago, but I find myself listening to my solid state amp more often now. Has been sitting on my desk ever since I got it, so its still in like new condition. Used for maybe ~100 hours. Worked really great with my old beyer DT990 600ohm headphones. Interest check to see if someone else can get a little more use out of it than me!


Besides the original tubes, I can include one JAN Chatham 6AS7G, one RCA 6AS7G, two JAN Sylvania 5751 tubes. Also comes with the protective cage for the tubes and a power cord. It has the neutrik/teflon upgrades, I think. Whole setup including the tubes cost me over $400, will sell it for a reasonable offer, otherwise I'll just keep it so I still have some variety. 


Going to open this up to local (San Francisco Bay Area) folks first, as I would prefer not to ship a heavy/delicate item like this. If you are located elsewhere in the CONUS and interested, PM me and see if we can work something out! Thanks for looking, happy holidays smily_headphones1.gif

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Since you have the price of 1 dollar listed I will take it for 1 dollar.

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Surprisingly (or not), you're not the only person to message me about a 1 dollar offer so I'll just make it clear for people who haven't used Head-Fi before: it doesnt let you leave the price field blank, which is why you'll see a lot of people putting a small dollar amount when doing IC or wanted posts. If you're interested, please make me a serious offer, thanks.


Again, open to local pickups first, will consider shipping maybe after the New Year's. 

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Hi, i exceeded the limit on private messages.

Sorry, could you please contact me using the email in the first message?


I'm interested in buying within the next week or so.


Negotiating price.

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