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1/4" desktop input interface!?

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I'm new to the world headphones.. :)


I have a Xonar stx sound card in my gaming pc and will be receiving a pair of 558s for christmas. What I would like to avoid is having to go under my desk and plug the headphones in to the sound card. I have purchased a Grado 4m extension lead so I can leave the extension plugged in to the sound card and then plug the headphones in to that but I would like a neater solution.. Is there or has anyone seen any type of desktop interface i.e a box which I could have on/stuck to my desk with a extension coming from it or that can have a extension lead plugged in to and then a female 1/4" jack for me to plug my headphones in to!? I know there are desktop amps that kind of meet my requirements but all I really need is a simple box with a 1/4" jack.. 


Any other suggestions/ideas welcome.. 


Cheers guys!


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Only other solution I can think of is to hold the extension cable securely to the desk with some of these to stop it from falling back behind the desk. 



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What is your budget?


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