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Macbook Pro > iTunes (ALAC) > BitPerfect > Optical Out > M-DAC > V200 > HD800
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This thread needs some pictures :D Some of these setups look very good.

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FLAC  ->  VLC  ->  Burson DA-160  ->  Rockhopper Beta 22 6-channel  -> HD 800

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Foobar 2k -> ASIO -> X-Fi Titanium HD -> Little Dot MK III with Mullard 8100 tubes -> HD800 with stock cable (brand new)


The tube amp manages to sweeten a bit the coldness of the Titanium HD + the natural cold nature of the HD800.

Great for games, OK for movies and somewhat manageable for music (but not after 4+ hours of listening)

Overall great soundstage, fast and "electrostatic" bass.


I'm gathering some cash to purchase a Burson DA-160 and later on a WA2 amp.

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MM > CIAudio Transient MK II (via iS2) > PWD MK II > Calvalli Liquid Glass (w/ RCA 6SN7 Coin Base Tubes) > HD800 (Painted Matte Black) w/ Norse Audio Skuld 2 


So good...

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I had a nice upgrade smily_headphones1.gif
FLAC -> Cardas Clear USB Cable -> Burson DA-160 DAC -> Nordost Blue Heaven 1m interconnects-> Little Dot MKIII / Mullard M8100 -> Stock Cable with HD800

I'm hunting for a WA2 amp and probably a Toxic Cable Silver Poison.
Any other alternatives for replacing the Stock Cable?
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I'd be inclined to run it with an O2/ODAC and EQ out the peaks and troughs. The HD600s are more neutral in terms of frequency response but basing your purchases purely around frequency response means that other factors such as soundstage and imaging may not be what you want. That way you get the clarity of the HD800s but with the neutrality that makes them less sibilant.

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Netbook + 4TB external HDD just for High Res files + Wadia 122 DAC + Woo WA22 + HD800 S latest. JRiver.


Fully balanced but looking for Cardas Clear 3 pin dual XLRs .


USB was using Jitterbug and now LANRover.


Going crazy with tubes unfortunately.


Wondering what the best power cord and interconnects would be for the set-up ?


Silver ?


Silver clad ?


I have to say that XRD files are amazing !


But rare.


Mostly classical strings and female voices but Peter Gabriel and everything but RAP !


Some authorized dealer is selling the Wadias at cost! $600.00 off and nobody discounts those things and they rarely appear on the used market.


Thanks and Happy Listening,





Would love to put these in the Woo WA22 but not possible.


Cool Factor is very High.

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FLAC (foobar) -> Aune T1 -> cardboard drawing of HD 800

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Foobar2000 > Fiio K5 + X3 ii >(line out)> Woods Audio WA6 > Hd800

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Dell laptop > xDuoo TA-03 > HD800 (stock cable for now)

These headphones pair very well with OTL tube amps, and this xduoo is just a great match because it has and output impedance that is pretty much same as the 300 ohm HD800. One thing is that the stock 12AU7 is terrible, running a Japanese HP brand 5963 equivalent tube now. The 6P19 tubes upgrade to Russian NOS didn't make of a difference, but I'll say those tubes are super microphonic, seems a design issue because 2/6 were acceptable.

The nice thing about this amp is that it brings all the instruments forward closer, which is a bit welcome for me considering the HD800 has a super vast sound stage which can get a like over done at times.
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Alienware laptop -> Tidal -> Yggdrasil -> Ragnarok -> HD 800 stock cables (Forza Audioworks cable on its way). 


I find the Ragnarok a very good pairing with the HD 800, they dont make them sound bright but rather very well extended and of course the yggy with it's resolution and imaging couples well with the HD 800 more than the HD 800S imo.

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Custom PC>Burson Audio HA-106D>HD 800 Stock

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Computer --> HDVD800 --> HD800S

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Crane Song Avocet -> iCan Pro -> Moon Black Dragon cable

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