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i got them from frogbeats. thanks to mr. annez for all the support. one of the best customer service i've seen. if you like meelec's service you'd love this store


the Popo were a gift i got together with the Xcited. i kinda was surprised when i saw them



as for the PoPo. previously were named Flamenco+.

build quality. dissapointing. the right side split. the metal part 'un-glued' from the back wooden part. still worked but it was annoying. in the end the cable cut and had to threw them away.

the cable is RED. strong and kinda springy


they allow a deeper fit, as the housing are thin. so it's possbile to get a good sealing and isolation, specially with the small tips

the stock tips are very similar to the sony hybrids. comply foam help a lot.


the sound: BASS. yes, it's a heavy bass. similar to the Meelec M11+. but the mids are still very forwarded and treble has a good sparkle. still, the bass is very dominating. comply foams absorve some of the bass and improves the mids

even not being a bass-head, the sound is very fun. 


for the sound i could recommend it but definetly not for the build

maybe the Crystal are a better option


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