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OK, "novice" might be  a stretch, but I am somewhat confused and need some guidance.


Here's my situation:


Apple MacBook Pro 15"

15000 songs via iTunes

iPod Classic

iBasso T3 with their DLO to mini connector

LiveWires Trips

Audio Engine A5 and AS8 set up in my office


When I am on the road (traveling) I have historically used my iPod, LW Trips and iBasso…beautiful!


I now have an office where I am traveling less and have my AE speaker set up for my office and am using my laptop to drive my music and not my iPod (easier to control, etc)


BUT, when I am on the road and using my laptop for music now, my iBasso T3 just isn't driving my LW Trips like they should be driven via the mini to mini cable I am using


SO - is there an item (hardware) that could drive my speakers in my office from my laptop, drive my LW Trips when I am on the plane or at the coffee shop from my laptop AND drive my iPod when I am just using it?


So, this piece of hardware needs to be somewhat portable (iPod size-ish would be great.)


I need specifics and approximate prices.  If possible, I need it to be less than $200-ish…less is always cool with me.


Many thanks and I look forward to some great recommendations.





PS - please let me know if I have missed any details you might need.