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Haha, I know what you mean. anything IGN gives less than a 8/10 is automatically unplayable. That's the case with many people on MAL too unfortunately... :(


The iDOLM@STER is ranked 6.x something on MAL but I still loved the series, so I do call their taste into question. However it is true that most of the shows under 7.0 on MAL turn out to be pretty bad.

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The idolm@ster show was ... Basically what i expected. When i first heard how they were going to make it i had little hope it would pull a fast one like papa did where u take a generic synopsis and expectations and blow it away

Idolmaster anime still had its good moments but on imperials scale it gets a 4. On my and everyones scale a 7 for enjoyability and 6 overal

CONGRATS TO IMPERIAL on making head fier 100+! Hopefully u will stay on headfi as a poster in this thread ... Which is the main reason why bdawk, hybrid core, and jgray are even active here.
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Good grief and gravy this thread is huge.


Hi everyone, bowei invited me over from another thread. Casual manga/anime fan here, have particularly enjoyed FMA (manga) and Rurouni Kenshin (anima, OVA) in the past. Leaning more towards manga at the moment, so that I can just read on the go (thanks ImperialX for the manga app recommend! trying it now).

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Actually no, the iDOLM@STER has a 7/10 on my scale! I personally loved the characters so, so much and more than most other people, so I can justify giving it a 7! :) I really liked that show more than what I initially though and I gave it the best Slice of Life in 2011 on my blog. Have a look at my nominations last year. This will give you a good idea of my tastes a bit better. http://imperialx.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/the-best-anime-of-2011/


Thanks! I will keep posting in this thread and hopefully have a chance to talk to everyone.




Try a one-shot for starters. There are some amazing manga out there but this one-shot I absolutely loved and it only takes 5 minutes to read since it's only 1 chatter long.


Read "Hotel" by Boichi. You can find manga by just going to "view all manga" and using the search box. Tell me what you think.

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Lol IGN... I don't take reviews from big sites like those seriously. Pay moar get higher score is clear with them. To to be honest, I don't even play vanilla games anymore, no one dare to be creative and fresh.

/rant off

Finales, what do you guys think of this season?
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Quite disappointing in general. Nothing over 6/10 from me. 

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See, now you're all asleep when I show up. But then, I'm part time on this board and other boards since.. well, for awhile now. Nothing new for me.

Finales? Average.. a couple better than others. I think at some point I'll watch Another.
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I'm actually not asleep yet, just in bed. I think Nisemonogatari was still the best show this season even though it's nothing special.

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I was hoping for something in line like Steins;gate (note I still haven't watched it. Based on my MAL list, would it be wise for me to waste watching it?) but I was beset by this. EXPECTATIONS, YOU FAIL ME AGAIN.

You shouldn't look too much into MAL rankings. Some very good anime list Sora no Woto have four digit rankings, and some terrible anime like fate/stay night are three digits. However ,it's the truth that ChaoS;HEAd is a terrible anime. Play the visual novel and you won't be disappointed. 

I'm not looking into the ranking. I'm just surprised that it's an all-female cast, at least according to the thumbnail, which I may and can be wrong.

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!!!!! i want my spring animu to come out quick!!!!!!!! nooo!!! gah!

I can't wait for Kimi to Boku 2, I need to get my fix of cute boys doing cute things.


Mysterious Girlfriend X and the two noitaminA shows look pretty good too.

AWESOME AVATAR IS AWESOME. Now I must challenge it with my chosen zetsubou cast.

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Get an HRT Music Streamer for iPhones, you'll be surprised at the results.

Why did I quote this again.


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Wait, I should go watch Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

You haven't seen SZS??? WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY!




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Originally Posted by HybridCore View Post


Nope. At least I read the manga.

Well, that's one good thing. I think the anime was actually done better than the manga because Shinbo is just so good at directing anime that mainly utilize dialogue. If you read the manga I guess you don't need to be in a huge rush to see it.


Watch Gankutsuou!

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Except those that doesn't like SZS.


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People who haven't seen SZS have to see it immediately. Its humor is unique and unsee anywhere else and it's a work of genius.

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should of been in bed awhile ago...grinded out 6 eps of eureka 7 instead and nearly done....fml. Goodnight all.

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Haha, good night to you too. As long as you finish in time for E7 AO it's worth it.

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I guess I'm an easier fan than some of you here. biggrin.gif I think my favorite ending so far was that of Amagami SS plus. Then again, I'm a big Morishima Haruka guy.

Reading up on Sakamichi no Apollon, I can see why it's getting some heat. Looking good so far. Jormungand looks interesting as well. Yeah yeah, Fate Zero and Accel World as well for me...
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Cowboy Bebop's director directing a new work? Instant watch for sure, otherwise it's blasphemy! You should check out Space Brothers too. People who have read the manga says it's amazing.

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Obviously the best show next season will be tsuritama.


Fishing, an alien, a Frenchman, and an Indian in love with a duck.

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