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Peachtree Grand Pre

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I have been researching possible upgrades to my Maverick D1 and Schiit Lyr combo in my main system. I really like the D1 because of how versatile it is as a preamp/DAC especially with the tube output stage. Not so much the D1 amp which is why I have the Lyr. I have a phono stage and need a DAC to have analog inputs. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone?


I came to the conclusion that the Benchmark DAC1 PRE as the most likely choice. Too bad there isn't more info on the upcoming Schiit Statement series. Or is there something else I should consider?


Then I started to search again with "preamp/dac" to see what I could find. I found the Peachtree Grand Pre and now I think I need to start saving money for one! The other cool feature about the Grand Pre is I could connect its' balanced stereo output to my Rotel amp. Does anyone here have direct experience with the Grand Pre? Or the Peachtree Nova?


The other Peachtree products seem to be very well regarded here including their headphone amps. The Lyr is fantastic but if I sell it without giving up too much in that area then it makes the $3k Grand Pre investment a tiny bit more reasonable to make. I'm curious what folks here think about this upgrade path? TIA


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Save this space

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I own an iNova and am very impressed by it.


I've directly compared the dac output to my W4S and my Rega dacs.... very similar sound from all three. 


The amp itself is very good.   Prior to this I had an Arcam A18 (an amp I really liked) and in direct comparisons the iNova was dramatically better.   Like shockingly better.










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