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Best earbuds under 30$

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Sorry if this has been asked a million times but what is the best earbuds i can get for under 30$. I am in no way an "audiophile" but i can't stand my current 5$ headphones i got as replacements. My previous headphones were J3 buds i got for around 25$ on amazon which i liked. I would like to prefer a mic on the headphone so i can talk when i'm using it on my phone. From what i've read this must be the "best" earbuds for under 30 "Brainwavz Beta" .

It doesn't have a mic so i was looking for an alternative but if the headphones listed above is the best i can do for under 30 then i can cut my lost without a mic.


If it matters my phone i plan on using it on is an iphone3g.

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Brainwavz is a good choice.  Nearly everything Meelectronics makes is also of excellent value.

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A pair of used (genuine) Apple Dual Driver IEMs are stunning quality at around $27 on eBay.

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second on either apple's dual driver or a meelectronic headphone

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I guess some will tell you to spend an extra $5 and get a Soundmagic E10. The ME Electronics M21 also looks interesting.

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Just a point: you are talking about IEM's and not earbuds...

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