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My ridiculous hd595 eq

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So in another thread I talked about adding some material inside the earcup to help with the weird upper mids and low end roll off of these cans. I then ran accross the thread about using sinegen to check for frequency response  so I gave it a try. I found huge dips and peaks. I use an EMU 1212m sound card and in patchmix it's a snap to install parametric  and shelf eq.. I was able to smooth things out considerably. The hd595's sound a thousand times better. When I bypass the eq I can't believe how crappy they sound. Here are my settings.

Your ears may vary.


-7.5db @ 3150 8 semitone width ( there is a huge peak centered around 3k leading to a cavern at around 4250 )

+6db @ 4250 4 semitone width

+5.3db @ 5185 4 semitone width

+5db @ 7400 4 semitone width

Low shelf boost @ 100hz to tase ( I like at least 4 db )

I chose to ignore the peak at 9-10k since my old ears are toast after 12k.


I have mixed music for years and try to use a less is more attitude about eq so these settings suprise me. A 13db swing between 3k  and 4k?!! I guess it shows how varied and unpredictable headphones can be.

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You don't hear anything past 12khz? Oh man.....

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I don't understand why it's in semitones, I'm more used to the Q parameter.
Which Eq do you use ? I don't trust at all the sinegen method, I prefer to adjust the EQ by listening at different musics. But the hd595 are enough neutral to me.

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Patchmix is the interface for the EMU 1212m. It includes a virtual patch-bay/mixer and built in effects. The width of the Q is specified in semitones on this unit. As far as the sinegen method all I know is I am very happy with the results.

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Would just like to thank the Op for sharing his settings.  I've noticed these settings work great with some tracks and not others, I only used a 2db low shelf @ 100db, as 4d was way too boomy.  I added a -2db bump (q= 4.32) @ 9500hz, which took away some of the harsh treble.  


One track I could say they work great with is Lose yourself to dance by Daft Punk, it sound very similar with these Eq settings to My He-500's and Emotiva Mini X amp. I'm shocked what an Eq adjustment can do to these headphones.


With this track the vocals stand out and I think the Op has used these settings with emphasis on the Vocals.


I tried the same settings with the track, Clear View - Tell Me - a Trance track with Punchy Bass Kick and lots of cymbals, there's an uncomfortable hissing noise that ruins the higher end, lowering each setting down on the eq only unbalances the rest so it becomes fatiguing.  


Track dependent I guess as each track used different parts of the equalizer.


I've noticed the sudden change from one Eq to another is very dramatic and can cause the original curve to sound awful.  In any case, If I removes headphones and wait a minute to reset my hearing it helps my mind to ignore these changes.



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