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love the detailed review!! I just ordered a pair and had second thoughts, because it has been difficult to find reviews, but after reading the reviews on this forum I feel confident I bought headphones I will be happy with. I don't have any experince with full size headphones so I don't really know what to expect.

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Thank for your review! 

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Great review

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Sorry for being so late, but... while they are not crap and they worth $40, they are not good headphones. I've used them for a year and a half, heavy on the EQ, but to my ears (and lots of sources) the treble is crap, the bass as well, maybe the mids are decent enough.


Funny thing though, for that year and a half I was rather happy with them, then a colleague brought some HD 650 over. After that, my T400 sounded like I had something in my ears, cotton or something. They do have bass, but is so un-detailed that it becomes a mess and the trebble is .. well crap.  I've since upgrade to an M50 (love the AT sound, also have a WS 55), but the T400 I wouldn't recommend to anyone unless they don't have enough money. Sorry, but for that money even a Sony is slightly better. My opinion, don't shoot.

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there is a deal for this can ($20). as i have and am using HD650. i guess i better spend my money on a better close can. i own t1 and hd650 and am selling hd598. i just want to buy a good close can for travelling etc. maybe should wait for k550 or  m50 to drop to a decent price on amazon.

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Originally Posted by alwaysec View Post

there is a deal for this can ($20). as i have and am using HD650. i guess i better spend my money on a better close can. i own t1 and hd650 and am selling hd598. i just want to buy a good close can for travelling etc. maybe should wait for k550 or  m50 to drop to a decent price on amazon.


I just received my pair of these for the same $20 deal that I assume you were going for and even after only an hour I'm quite impressed. Sure there are better, but for $20 I don't think I could have gotten better headphones anywhere. They're super comfortable too.

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Where'd you get them for $20?

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A couple of my housmates have got these. I'm having a listen to them now. I agree with much what Ubersanger said, they are definitely on the warm side. Bass is quite deep. Treble is very mild, which could be a plus for people who can't tolerate sparkly/harsh highs. Vocal is intimate. It's a little too warm for my liking (not compensated with a V-shaped treble).

It's definitely not crap. I suspect some burn-in will do them some good. Comparing them to HD 650 is a not reasonable. I don't have the M50, but I bet these are very similar to M50 (because I had the CAL! before which is close to M50 with more treble I think). Of course, my Brainwavz HM5 is much better (technically and sound signature wise).

I would recommend these if you can get them cheap, along with CAL! for entry level, especially you don't like V-shaped sound signature. They were on sale for $20 in Australia a few weeks ago.
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Hi guys, I have some ATH T500's up for sale. They are similar to the T400's in terms of design but the t500's have better materials and softer earpads. THey also have more clarity and smoother bass than the t400's. PM me if interested.  



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I happened to listen to a T-500 2 days ago, I feel they were not bad for the price and quite well made but it didn't wow me when I listen to them. I also tried a Panasonic RP-HTX7 beside it I like the sound better. Cleaner and more detail while T-500 has warmer sound.


Not sure about T-400.

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bought these too for $20


my main priority wasn't sound quality at that price, it was comfort + build quality and this model delivers


now I am wondering if I could convert it wireless


one of the first step would be a detachable mod (replacing cable end with an earphone jack)


has anyone done a detachable mod on this model yet?

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You can swap the earpads with the srh940s. That way you can wear them longer without heat issues.:etysmile:

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 I just picked up a set of these Audio-Technica ATH-T400 at a very good price. Site shows the regular price is $129.95 and there's a clearance going on. I haven't used any over the ear head phones in decades. And I've only owned a single pair ear buds, dunno the  model of them but they're mid model Skull Candy's. As far as the buds go, I was AMAZED at the bass they kick out of such a small enclosure with bright highs, but the mids can be lost because of the strong bass, but an EQ can fix that.


That being said, I also think these ATH-T400s are OUTSTANDING for the money. Before I bought I looked around and read reviews a few places like amazon and a couple other popular places and they have VERY HIGH MARKS. The 53mm drivers will shake your face off w/ the sub bass of some of the new rap and hip hop music. I was blown away at the bass capability of headphones. Like I said, I was a little kid with a walkman on a bike or at home with a set of real over the ear headphones, but that was 2.5 to 3 decades ago and technology has gone very far in the right direction for things like this. Everything is getting smaller and it's performing much bigger. The highs sound nice and clear without being overly bright. Like I said about the ear buds, an EQ can make them sound how you want them to though.


I read about breaking them in and I continuously let them play for 48 hours to loosen them up and think it brought out the mid range quite a bit. I run these off a Yamaha RX-v795a receiver. I try to keep the tone bypass button ON so I can get the most natural sound. These sound great with bypassing all the bass extension and the bass and tremble knobs after the break in. I like home audio and am proud of all my sound equipment, I just use these at night when I can't disturb anyone and they do an A1 job at that. 


My local Target has a whole "head phone/earbud isle" that has about 8 to 10 nice earphones you can try out on the isle, Sony, Skull Candy, Bose (I think), and beats Studios @$399!. A couple more I can't remember, maybe a couple different models of most of those manufacturers. I was AMAZED at how well my set sounded compared to these much higher cost sets of head phones.. ESPECIALLY THE BEATS. There's no way I'd pay anywhere near $400 for something that sounds so close to my MSRP $129 set that I got for MUCH cheaper! I was impressed with a set of;=? Sony and an upper end Skull Candy set of ear phones. The low end Skull Candies were crap at $60, my A-T blew them completely away. So that was a fun trip to Target's Electronics's section ear phone isle.


So.. I am thoroughly IMPRESSED with this set of earphones and my ear buds from what I've been able to compare them to.  Sorry I'm not a more experienced  head gear user, but I'm using them on a more daily basis. They sound BAD ASS for what I paid for them and they seem to be constructed VERY WELL and STURDY. Th 10ft cable comes in handy indoors too, I don't think these are meant to be mobile ear phones at all. I have a listening "lay-z-boy" recliner about 7-8 feet away from my entertainment center and this long cord is PERFECT. (These are super comfortable with the built in suspension band in the frame, and they are definitely not to take with you to listen to an iPod, real amps only is what I suggest.)


So... I give these a 5/5 stars, For the money they can't be beat, (They blow away some makes/models that cost over $200 at sale price!)


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these if you need a set of REALLY DECENT earphones or just want  to have a new set of back-ups for a SUPER CHEAP DEAL.That popular auction site has them for $29.95 last time I checked.





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Anybody have used these for gaming? I'll probably pick this up but I'm worried that the closed headphones might hurt the soundstage.

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I've been looking into the ATH-T400's or T500's.  For someone that owns a pair, I'm interested in the size of these ear pads... outer and inner dimensions as well as thickness.  Little favor please?  Break out the ruler?  How they fit / feel is my number 1 priority.  I like something that puts some pressure around the ears so you know they're there.  Sound isolation would be a close second.  Really want to block out as much sound as possible without buying into active noise cancelation.  These reviews have been fantastic BTW.  Looking to replace an older set of JVC's that are having a tough time standing up but love the JVC cup size relative to fit / isolation.  Would like something to compare.

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