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Wanted: DAC w/ adjustable volume RCA out

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I own two headphone amp/DACs: HA INFO NG27 and Topping D2


I am looking for a headphone amp/dac that has RCA out for my powered studio monitors controlled via the volume knob on the headphone amp. My NG27 works like this but my Topping D2 does not, the volume knob on the amp is bypassed.


Next thing I want is a headphone amp that has a line in whether it be RCA or 3.5mm. My D2 has this but my NG27 does not :(


I am looking at the AUNE X1 but I cannot find any info on whether the volume knob controls the RCA line out volume. That is really vital to me and I really want a headphone DAC that can do that. Basically what I need is an audio interface for my studio monitors in which I can easily adjust the volume and switch between at least a couple of sources. Hence why I want an analog in. Really I don't need the DAC functionality as much as I need the interface and volume control. I have a sound card on my desktop so it's not that bad in the DAC department.


Any help much appreciated :)


BTW, when powering off my D2, there is a loud pop sent to either my headphones or my studio monitors and I am worried about damaging my speakers. Is this normal? My NG27 does not do this... I thought I was upgrading when I got the D2 :(

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I was just researching the Aune X1 and read this review:

Here is the section that answers your question:
Originally Posted by PinkFloyd@Rock Grotto 
Optical in from ASUS Xonar DX, line OUT to NAD 315BEE amplifier.... firing on all four cylinders smily_headphones1.gif Line out setting is a fixed output and P-line out is a variable output controlled by the volume control.... yup, got it now! I really like the P-Line feature that will come in VERY handy and I think I will probably use that more often than the fixed level output... more control baby!
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Well for the first part  the audio-gd NFB-12 is a great machine with fixed or variable control to the line output from the DAC, controlled via headphone volume knob.

as for line in, well it does not have that , but it does have USB coax, and optical inputs. But there are some adapters for that.

I don't really know why you are wanting to input analogue to the DAC to output Analogue. 


As for the loud pop, that is something that you would wish to repair I think, it could be as simple as bad connections on the pot or something more major, but I would check it out as it will be detrimental in the long run to both speakers and the headphones.


BTW what headphones are you running?

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The line-in is not a necessity but more of a convenience. I want the DAC to serve as a hub for my desk audio. So if I wanted to play something off somebody's iPod or what-have you instead of a computer. That is also why I am looking for a variable line-level out so my volume control can control the output to my studio monitors which does not have easily accessible volume controls. It's a tough wish list of mine but I appreciate all the help you guys can give me.


I am using Audio-Technica ATH-M50s and am looking at possibly getting the Beredynamics DT770 Pro in the future.


Also, I have a budget of $250 

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Well the NFB-12 can fit both your budget and your needs then. I am hacking a iPod synch cable now to see if I can get the audio out to the USB -b input of the NFB-12, but I don't know for sure if I can get digital out of the 30 pin port yet. I'll see how it goes. probably next week as things are busy here for the holidays. but a port conversion for analogue is beyond my scope on this DAC/AMp .

btw this NFB is really growing on me , over the week I have had it I become more impressed. Right now it is in the source line for my SP-X7000 speakers and It is very good sound.

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