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If you really think so, then by all means. But to me, they're leaps and bounds better than Beats Studios smily_headphones1.gif
They're just uniquely tuned to cater to old German men who are not as susceptible to high frequency ringing.

Owned two different variations of the Edition 8. Can confirm that they sound rather different. I returned the first one partly due to the fact that they're atrocious.

Of course they are much better than the Beats Studios as a whole, but I just can't stand that treble. It would he easier to live with the muddy, boomy, closed in sound of the Beats than the ear-piercing, painful sound of the ED10. That was what I meant..
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I love my classical and jazz and if I had money to afford the ED10's I'd upgrade my HE500's to HE6's for classical but keep my LCD2's for jazz (especially good for older jazz recordings). Then buy a super duper amp to drive the HE6's.

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I have the ed.10 and the LCD3 as well as the ed.8 . And AKG K702. I only listen to classical.

I have to say that both ed.10 and LCD3 need a little equalisation adjustment on my equipment. The Ed.10 is too harsh and produces a sort of "fizz" on the sound in the treble and the LCD3 is too muddled and covered in the mid range. Both are correctable.

You will be surprised to read that while I think the LCD3 is a really outstanding headphone I think the Ed10 is just amazing. It has an ability to resolve detail like no other I know.
It also has the uncanny ability to give each instrument or group of instruments their own space: it is like listening in 3D.

The sound is open and airy like the Quad electrostatic speakers I used to own. Like them too, distortion sets in at volume levels lower than others.

Everything is a trade off but treat them kindly and the Ed10 sound is magic -literally.
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