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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: Shure SRH440 w/ 840 Pads and HD600 Padding (SOLD)

Will Ship To: USA

These were purchased new about two months ago and have ~150 hours on them. Pretty much only used them at home and for monitoring in a recording studio a few times. I treated them very gently so they're in good condition. Maybe some minor surface scratches if you look at the cups really close up. One thing I must mention, however, is that the pleather wrapping on the headband has started to come loose and pull out of the end pieces. You can see what I mean in the pictures. This is because Shure designed these headphones to only fit on smaller heads. Unfortunately my head was big enough to stretch the headband to the point where it started to come apart. It's not actually broken or dysfunctional. It's still in one piece and stays that way, but every once in a while you might want to push the parts back together. It's not necessarily as bad as it is in the picture, I intentionally pulled them apart a bit to demonstrate the problem. This is less of an issue the smaller your head is as it shouldn't stretch as much when worn.


Comes in the original box/packaging with all the included accessories: detachable coiled cable, mini to 1/4" adapter, and the cloth pouch. They have SRH840 pads on, but the stock pads are there as well. The HD600 padding on the headband was attached with mounting tape, and is removable. I'm asking for $60 shipped to the US with tracking. Paypal only.


Selling these because I just pulled the trigger on some Brainwavz HM5 which will serve the same purpose as the SRH440 do for me. I'm also interested in trades, just for the funzies :) Thanks!

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