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Which pcdp is right for me?

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I'm planning on getting a new pcdp within the next half year (so no rush) that I will use with Sony e888's ( I should buy the 888's within a couple months too, hopefully).

I don't expect to use an amp with the pcdp, so therefore I would like some decent sound out of the headphone jack with 888's. I'm kinda picky about looks and size, I kind of want true portability. Just a pcdp and open earbuds for on the go, and Ety ER4P's (...someday...) for walking around the house.

I plan to have a home cd player as well, with a headphone amp, so thats another story, this pcdp is strictly for portable use.

I was thinking maybe the Panasonic SL-CT790, which I think looks pretty darn cool. Or (possibly) one of the high end Sony pdcp's (not the DEJ01 - too expensive). I want one that's *really* slim and lightweight, and I would be willing to trade a bit of sound quality for style and size and less weight.

Any recommendations? Thanks a million guys!

PS. Price isn't really too much of an object, as long as it isn't ridiculous. I'm thinking maximum $200 US or so, I could go a bit over that though.
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the sony DE771 is a great little discman, very sleek and compact with a good sounding headphone out. no line out though, save for an optical. the only problem is that the antishock is rather weak, even when walking. I believe it can be had on amazon for pretty cheap.

Apart from that, I wholeheartedly reccomend the Panasonic SL-SW860. it's a supertough player with great antishock, great sound, great looks and a line-out to boot. I'll bet you could find it for relitavely cheap since it's starting to get old.
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Since you aren't worried about using it with an amp and have very efficient phones to use with it, I'd look hard at one of the top of the line Sony models, most likely the 925. I have the 915, the predecessor to the 925 and it is a great, tiny little PCDP. After taking a look at the new Japan-only D-EJ1000, I decided to have one imported. Even smaller than my 915, better battery life, and displays CD-text on its remote. All for just a little over $200. If you want to stick with a domestic model, try to find a 925. There are a couple of reviews around here for it.

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