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Hi, I'm a long time lurker around here. Picked up a few pairs of earphones based on reviews and threads here that I'm really happy with, hoping that I can do the same with headphones now!

I'm new to full sized headphones. Up until now I've been listening to music with IEMs. I do own a pair of sennheiser HD201s but I'm not particularly fond of them. I find them getting uncomfortable/sore after maybe an hour but the sound isn't bad for the price I got them at (€10) so I really can't complain. I'd like to get a better and more comfortable pair of cans now though and I'd really appreciate any help or advice people can give me. I know next to nothing about headphones.

I'm going to primarily be using them from my laptop and on the bus (two 2-3 hour journeys a week), maybe walking around sometimes but I might stick to my IEMs for that. I don't want to annoy anyone around me on the bus so I'd like headphones that don't leak much sound and that isolate pretty well. It doesn't have to be amazing, I just want to be able to sit beside someone and enjoy my music at a reasonable volume. I'd also like them to be durable. I used to go through (cheap) earphones at a tremendous rate, and while I can't and don't intend to put headphones through the same rigors, I'd like them to last a good time.

I listen to rock of many sorts mostly, but there are a half-dozen other genres that I enjoy too: country, trad, dance, 'other'. I have many soundtracks from films and games that I like too. I guess a pair of cans that sound good across the board without excelling in any one area might be best? Having said that, nice bass would definitely be welcome.

My budget is a little flexible. I'd like to keep it around €70-€80 but if there's a good pair of cans just above that price that people are recommending I'd be willing to splash out. I don't want anything too expensive though.

I'm living in Ireland and I've not found any shops that are actually helpful with regard to earphones. The sony centre near me had some wonderfully informed and helpful people, but they only stock sony and I'd like to know what else is out there before I buy anything. A lot of websites I've looked at only ship to the US or had exorbitant shipping fees to Ireland, so if anyone knows of good places to buy in the EU I'm all ears too

Having looked around myself, I'm still sort of at a loss.
From threads on here (albeit dating back 5-10 years) a pair of Sony V6s might be a good choice. Doing a little research, that line seems to be over 20 years old though so I'm wondering if the V6 is still relevant or if newer models from the same line or different cans are just all around better.

I saw Sony MDR ZX700s mentioned in a thread and a quick amazon search revealed this. Are they worth the 166 pound tag? 60% off seems like a nice deal, but something about the look just seems a little flimsy.


I've looked at Grado SR60s and SR80s but they are open backed I think. I'm not familiar with any other brands that make headphones and I'm not sure what to look for even, others experiences are probably the best thing to go on.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!