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Originally Posted by proedros View Post

the HM700/RE400B combo is getting terrific praise at its thread - and the price (250$) seems fantastic

but still , the RE400 was such a dull,mediocre iem for me that i will probably pass this combo and stay with what i already have (not to mention lack of funds)

J3 + Arrow 4G + RE-262/272 will be ok for now

shane , you get the same feeling that 262 now sounds much better to you than 2-3 years ago , huh ? lol


But wait..  ljoker gave the RE262 9.1 in SQ vs 9.0 for the RE-400 and CliOs gave a relatively similar difference of 4.85 vs. 4.75 so are the RE400 really that dull or different from the RE262 or are they completely wrong? I also remember that project86 in his review of the RE400 or comments thereafter thought that the RE-400 was better than the RE-262 with out having both IEM's in hands at the same time. 

I know this is just random picks from my side and maybe a setup..., :blink:  but I absolutely get your point about passing on the DAP/IEM combo,I would do the same. I just want the truth...preferable combined with some pure evidence that will either entertain me, enlighten me or maybe just please me.. I can't have it all.. :-)  Don't take me too serious..

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[quote name="proedros" url="/t/585495/review-hifiman-re262-sophisticated-and-beautiful/300#post_10268517"
shane , you get the same feeling that 262 now sounds much better to you than 2-3 years ago , huh ? lol

It's more about my preference changing for more reference levels of bass. The 262 has just the right amount if bass.
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i didn't like RE-400 at all , maybe i had a bad fit ? dunno - i am a huge fan of Hifiman iems (having owned re-zero/252 and 262/272 twice each) so i have no intention of bad-mouthing re400

i just think that 262/272 are much better than 400 (then again they cost 50/150 $ more)

if you have a decent amp , try finding a used re-262 , i went ahead and bought a 2nd pair as backup cause i love it so much , especially when amped


i wanna try also re600 , very curious how it sounds.


again , my opinion on re400 is jut this - my opinion. every person listens differently.

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After talking with a friend, I've decided to try the RE-600. Should be here late next week. I'll keep the winner for me and sell off the other.
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i don't think the 150$ re-262 can win the 400$ re-600

question is , how much better is the re-600 and if it justifies shelling out the extra 250$ in regards to the 262


keep us informed !!!

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Well you never know.  I find the $299 ER-4S to compete with 1k TOTL iems.

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Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

Well you never know.  I find the $299 ER-4S to compete with 1k TOTL iems.


can you compare on the spot , ER4S with RE-262/272 ?


which one did you like/find best ?

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Originally Posted by proedros View Post


can you compare on the spot , ER4S with RE-262/272 ?


which one did you like/find best ?


I definitely prefer the ER-4S to the two Hifiman iems.


The Hifiman treble is peakier and on some songs the 262 can sound brighter and then on other songs, much darker.  The 272 always sounded much brighter.  It's the treble peaks that I attribute this to.  The ER-4S has one of my favorite trebles (the F111 and K3K being my other treble favorites).  It has better timbre and linearity than either Hifiman, and with reference plane fit, sounds pretty darn smooth.


The ER-4S also has one of the most transparent midranges I've heard and has very good layering and imaging within its head stage; although it can be a little hot in the stock configuration.  I use red filters and actually eq 2.4k down -2db's.  I prefer the 262 midrange to the 272 (but its been a while since I owned the 272 and can't really remember the reasons why I preferred the 262 midrange.  The 262 midrange sounds wonderfully intimate with excellent tonality, I just think it lags behind the Ety's midrange layering and imaging. 


The weak point and yet highlight of the ER-4S to me is the bass.  It's diffuse field flat but I find that to be a little lacking in true neutral quantity.  However the bass texture and detailing is some of the best I've heard.  I do EQ it up starting at 30hz and have it tapper back in around 100hz or so for a more neutral presentation to my ears.  I don't think the 262 has the texturing of the Ety but its bass sounds pretty fantastic with neutral levels imo and a very impressive natural tone. I hope I don't find the RE-600 to over do it here when it arrives.  I can't remember a lot about the 272 bass but I remember thinking it was too lean at the time but looking at how it graphs, that perception was probably more based on its treble presence to me.


The perceived softer detailing and less articulate imaging in the Hifimans may be due to how they are damped.  Some that have taken them apart have said they thought they were over damped and had better detailing and imaging after removing some of the filtering material.  I've no idea if this is true or not, but the 262 does have softer notes than the Ety and my other iems, but I also think that's part of what gives them their special sound. 


The ER-4S is not an easy one to find a simultaneous comfortable fit and excellent sound.  It's taken me many weeks of experimentation to come a point of satisfaction.  I imagine many give up and decide it's not for them and I can understand that.  Plus diffuse field tuning might not be someone's cup-o-tea as well.  However I love it and in many ways has ruined TOTL iems for me :o but it takes some EQ, comply p tips, a shirt clip and some patience to get there.


Anyway I think the 262 is great and forgotten iem.  I sure hope the 600 can live up, and top, it's predecessors performance.  Either way I plan on keeping one or the other in my small stable of iems.

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fantastic review , shane - much obliged  :D


i will be trying too RE-600 in a couple of weeks , hopefully i won't like it and my wallet will not suffer , i wanna see how the RE262/272 and EQ-5 stack up next to it.

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Have had the HM-700 and RE-400B (balanced) combo three days now.  Wow.  Very impressed.  A very out-of-head, 3D experience.  The 400 scales up beautifully with this kit.  Played some tracks with sub-sonics - the 400 will rattle the brain matter if it's in the recording.   I have the RE-ZERO and RE-0.. the 400B is in another league.  

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Thanks for the impressions- Can you give any comments of the re-400 balanced versus unbalanced?
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Big difference in sound stage.. wider and deeper running balanced.  Microdetails seem to be better, mids are a little less forward.  Have never heard the 262 or 272 to compare against.

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do you prefer wearing 262 cable down or behind the ear ? what sonic differences do you perceive ?

i think wearing them behind the ear improves the soundstage , no ?


also has anyone here recabled his 262 at Vesper Audio ? Impressions ?

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I hate wearing iems down, so I've never tried them that way. Over ear is the only way to go for me if it's an option.
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The RE600 came in today.  I had forgotten how tiny the housings were on the 400/600.  Using the same HiFiman bi-flanges, I have to say I prefer the fit of the 600 more just due to the tiny size.  I still find the 262 very comfortable but they are tubby in comparison and longer listening session comfort will benefit from the size of the 600.  I also prefer the modular placement on the cable of the 600; it's much further down.  I'm going to have an RSA balanced adapter cable made to run on the Duet.


Signature wise they really aren't too far apart.  The 262 is a slightly thinner overall note and I actually prefer that, it really lets the 262 bass shine.  The 600 is a bit thicker and richer with a bit fuller bass.  I'm sure most would prefer the 600 here but in direct contrast the 262 sounds more delicate in bass, which sounds fantastic to me.


The midranges are pretty similar as well, with the 262 having slightly more upper mid around 2k.  So again it sounds less weighty and perhaps a hair more transparent than the 600 but the 600 has a nice lush vocal that's very appealing.  The biggest difference is in treble.  The 262 has more sparkle and brightness but is also more peaky.  The 600 is darker but much smoother with similar detail levels.


So IMO one isn't clearly better than the other; there are plus and minuses on both but I'm going to keep the 600 for the better cable, even better fit and smoother treble.  I wish I could have a frankenstein HiFiman that is a combination of both signatures.  I'll be putting my 262 up in the classifieds shortly.

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