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For Sale: FS: Customized Bijou

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For Sale:
FS: Customized Bijou

Will Ship To: CONUS

Checking to see if there is interest in my Bijou build. I was using it at work but my WA6 will soon replace that role as I have recently upgraded to a balanced rig. This amp has no hum and was well received at a local meet. At this time I am not looking for any trades.



Wiring is teflon coated silver plated copper.

Obbligato Premium 10uF (C1)

Auricap Metallized Film 0.1uF (C3,C4)

Mundorf MKP Film 330uF (C5)

Mundorf Surpreme 1uF (C6)

Upgraded 270DAX to 270FX transformer

Goldpoint Stepped Attenuator

Ground loop breaker

Regal mod.

Amphead mod.


The size of the Bijou is 17D x 9H x 15W and weighs in at 21 pounds.


This sale includes the following tubes:

10 - Bugle Boy 6dj8

2 - JJ ECC99

2 - 6N6Pi

2 - EZ81.


Please PM me if you have any questions.


Thanks for looking.

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wow! Nice look! How much sir?

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I head this amp at a local meet.It sounded extraordinary with the HD-800s. Really wonderful, very spacious. Good luck with sale!

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How much would you be asking?

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So many boutique parts in this one.  GLWS.

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oh my, its gorgeous!

I've been looking for my first tube amp for the hd650's, but I feel this would end the fun of the hunt too quickly eek.gif

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This need to sell right now, I took some ambien 30 minutes ago and about to trrow my keyboard out the window so i cant use it.

Fantastic amp man
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Gawd, someone buy this already, I'm getting tempted and I've spent too much this month as it is.
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Still available.

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Looks awesome... but I have never dealt with a Tube amp before and I'm kind of... not sure... LOL!

I'm pretty OCD about warranties and such too and having a DIY amp with no assurance is scary to me...

But jeez... looks so pretty... YGPM




BTW, how is it performance-wise?

I'm just using an Icon HDP Dac/Amp right now and I find it bright so

pairing it with the Shure SRH940s/1840s is not really to my taste... so I want something "warmer"...

Does this delivers?

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