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My mini impression of Soul SL 150

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Hi everyone! I am a frequent visitor of this site but I only created an account today over lunch as there was something I would like to address. I am no audiophile but I do have a collection of some fine iems and headphones such as the tf-10, westones and ath m50, etc. (I appreciate music)


I just got myself a Soul SL150 over my local store and I wanted to do some justice to it as many

'audiophiles'  are dissing it just because it is endorsed by a celebrity. I do not mean to direct this to everyone on this site

but all I want to say is that a highly advertised/mainstream product is not a basis to be judged as lousy cans. My impressions come without any pictures as I am currently at work and I am not allowed to take pictures here :D



The SL-150 comes in a very sleek hard boxed package (obviously) and this is the kind of packaging that I do not mind keeping as part of the collection habits that I practice. Upon un-boxing it, you will find a travel case in a shape close to an egg with the headphones inside and a box containing all the accessories. What's nice of them is that they provided 2 flat wires, 1 with the Apple® In Line Controller and the other without, very thoughtful there!



The shape of the SL 150 is quite unique and is IN NO WAY ALIKE WITH ANY BEATS BY DR DRE PRODUCTS. CM' ON, 


It looks big due to the outer cups being elongated and you may think it is an over the ear phone but its an on-ear.

Pressure on the ears can be felt but this keeps the phones from moving.

Comfort is an essential factor in the headphones/iems I buy and this phone is surprisingly comfy. The soft ear cushions allow

me to use the phones for hours without feeling any soreness or heat.



Actually I am leaning towards a 3.5 but the element of surprise just got me there. Being an ex user of a few products by dre, I expected the SL 150 to be bass heavy with distortions in the highs and poor separation... how wrong was I.

I was at the store when I hooked it up to my iPhone 4s and upon having the music played for 5s, I simply smiled.

You know deep down that a phone is of a certain calibre when the music makes you smile heihei!

Bass is more forward but it is not overwhelming, leaving room for the mids and high to shine as well. It handles acoustic in a manner that I like, which is not as bright as my ath m50.  Imaging was above average and noise isolation is fairly good being passive. I ran many tracks involving a wide spectrum of genres and the SL 150 handles them all pretty well. It still shines the most in R&B, trance and dubsteps where there is more emphasizing on the bass.



With me being very satisfied with the product, I still feel that the price tag on it is intimidating at a retail price of 449SGD. I decided to buy it because there was a 25% discount. There are many other good alternatives such as D2200, that I know, but then again, I was looking for something that can work as a fashion accessory and yet play darn good music.


All in all, the Soul SL 150 is a product that I am very satisfied with. I would highly recommend these phones over the beats series as I felt that both the aesthetics and sound quality of the SL 150 overkills the SOLO Hd. For 'audiophiles' out there, give this a shot, I honestly feel  that it is a tier higher than any celebrity endorsed cans out in the market, I felt that it gives a sound signature very close to HD25-I.

If both looks and sound come together, the Souls are really the perfect combination, give it a try and reply this thread!













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I bought the IEM SL99s.  Could not be happier.  Deep bass, and great mids, highs.  Worth every cent of the $99 I paid for them.

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Sounds interesting ,post some pictures when you get a chance ! happy_face1.gif

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I agree, the Souls are getting a lot more hate then they should be. But you have to understand, when an earphone is endorsed by a Celebrity, it tends to, well, end up bad. Common examples are Beats and Skull Candy. I expect the Soul to actually be decent, but I don't think it will be any thing special. Being better then Beats really isn't an achievement any more..


Honestly, I'm not expecting much from Soul- I have only seen one person that is a real fan of the Souls here in head-fi, but before I think they are really that great, or actually worth buying, I would like one of head-fi's best ears like maybe ljokerl.



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Will post some pictures of it later on when I get home!



I am not saying that the Souls are cans that will provide sonic quality as superior as many other brands along the price tag

however I just wish to clear this perception of celebrity cans being bad sounding, least for the Souls. 

Most of the time, I will be hooking up my westone 2 for the neutral sound that is relaxing to the ears

However, the occasional popping of a fun sounding cans can be a fresh prospective. 

I can say that the Souls are the closest now to having the perfect blend of both aesthetics and sound


would like to hear inputs from others, be it +ve or -ve

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Where did you buy them?25% discount?

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Ah, after watching some videos with headphone enthusiast Inner Fidelity on youtube, I suppose you are correct. The Soul 150 is actually very decent for a celebrity headphone.



I suppose I was wrong, next time I should listen to the headphones before I make any conclusions...

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each to his own opinions, the price tag got me bad though hah! The exterior of the cans are fingerprint magnets, -1 :/



if you live in Singapore, you can get them at Stereo, the offer is extended till the end of the year if I am not mistaken.


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I know this an extrememly late post, but how does the bass of the SL 150's compare to the m50's unamped?


Thank you!

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