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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon Thread - Page 148

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thanks, will look at the pro 80 when when i mange to get the refund for the 2050.

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Sadly I sold my pro 80s as I wasn't using it enough. Now I want them back. I'm such a hoarder. Gotta learn to let go
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Lol I did the same thing. Went back to using the headphones I was using before the pro 80 and was like....... nah I need my pro 80s back lol
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Sign of mental sickness I say
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Please be aware that Takstar indeed updated the Pro80. My version is the new, straight cabled one. I don't know if sonically there is any difference.


First Impressions:


  •  Build, Comfort, etc


- Great build quality, even if the price was 200$. The only flaw is the extending mechanism, too loose and cheap-feeling.

- A lot smaller than I thought, but big nevertheless. They appear smaller than on the photos when held on the hand, but still big when worn on the head.

- Design is much better IRL than on the photos, the glossy black is not that glossy and really brings the all black design to life.

- The stock pads are much softer than I expected, the pleather used is smooth and soft enough for them to be comfortable. The big pads fully enclose my big ears easily.

- Isolation is fantastic (please be aware that I'm coming from a K450, so this might be biased)


with the HM5 Velour earpads:


- OUT ******* STANDING comfort. I mean, this is the best of the best. Point.


  • Sound


I have tried these on 4/5 song till now (doing it while writing) and this is the first stuff I notice:


- (Probably will go away with break-in) Shrill mids and highs, specially mid-highs. Not the best, but I wasn't expecting much more than this. Gets much better when paired to the E11, the warmness corrects it a bit.

- Stupendous lows, controlled, punchy (really punchy), almost perfect. Simpy love them, a whole skyscrapper above the K450 and anything else I've heard. I only hope improvements here, mainly less bleeding to the mids.

- mids are magnificent, low-mids are a tad boomy


with the E11 and velours:


- brightness remains too much if only the velours are used. E11, again, corrects it a bit

- lows seem to be tamed a bit, less punchy and boomy, more neutral, if only the velours are used. Not a bad thing. The E11 gives it the sparkle it had before (on EQ0, the other settings just boom it up to uncontrolled levels, and low gain). If they gets less boomy with break-in I'm definitely in love

- mids remain similar 


  • Summary


- Great design and overall great built, but too big to be stylish. Me likes it because...

- Comfort is supreme, and that is what matters to me. 

- If the brightness goes away, these will be my best buy ever in electronics.


To end: any tips on how to break in these headphones?


Edit: I'm listening to this and I'm almost crying of joy. Male voices are so beautiful with these headphones...

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As far as brightness going away with burn in, I don't know. I didn't notice it going away, so I just eq'd a bit and kept it moving.
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I thought the Pro 80 had pretty rolled off highs so no chance of highs being too much
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well, took a chance on the pro 80 after dispute on the 2050 was accepted, hope this time they arrive.


The takstar 5500 are fine for commute with fiio e6 and MW600 Bluetooth, but the circular pads are not so comfortable for home use.

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please have in mind that for me highs are almost good in every single headphone. I just don't like them that much, so I don't mind them to be a bit lacking. what I was saying is that the mids and high-mids have a sharpness and brightness I wasn't expecting, like if every recording was bad. Sibilance was there too, so everything sounded... like coming from the single speaker of a clock radio. They have been burning in for 10 hours non stop with loops of pink noise, I'll see if there are any changes when it reaches the 15 hour mark

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Hey guys! 

So I've been using my pro-80 with my hm-5 pads for a few months and they sound amazing togehter, but... I just can't decide what to put to the sides to make the stage bigger. Like I've put a cable to each side but that didn't make it the soundstage that much bigger so I tried with tissues. They were much better, but they always slip out, as you can see here:

How did you guys do this? Should I use a thicker cable? Is there a way to keep it in place? Oh and one more thing, I brought these pads because the stock pads have pushed my left ear all the time. That stopped with these pad but the mesh is still touching my ear and it annoys me, is there a way to make that stop too? Thanks for the answers!

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Originally Posted by spurxiii View Post

I thought the Pro 80 had pretty rolled off highs so no chance of highs being too much


Same here.


I actually EQ my highs up to bring back the sparkle and air.

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