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Sometimes... Mostly I use dx1000 or sa5000, pro80 with hm5 pads at night when isolation is required. Ha-s400, hd228 or mh438 with my phone when I listen to music in bed. Mh463, hd681, Digitechs, rp-htf600e-s and hi2050 get occasional headtime. I like to refresh my memory on how those sounded and I do a little comparative listening every now and then with those. It's worth noting that all those are cheap headphones except for dx1000 and sa5000. Some not worth more than 15$.


I like budget headphones and I don't really see much point reselling 20 buck headphones (allthough I have done that also). Shipping fees are a deal killer with cheap stuff... So I rather keep them most of the time.  When someone is wondering if he should get hd681 or hi2050 it is nice to be able to help.  I have no limit on how many headphones I should own but I don't want expensive headphones gathering dust. Besides dx1000 and sa5000 I can see myself getting only one more expensive headphone at some point. I miss some of the more expensive headphones I've sold, especially hd600 and w1000x but those were just too expensive considering the little headtime those got in the end. 

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oh my, sell them or sort them XD

a friend gave me his HI2050 for testing, comfy but a little too much bass, had to EQ them a little (lower the bass and give a nudge to the mid and mid-high). maybe i am used to brighter headphones...

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oh my, sell them or sort them XD


Hehe yeah...there is a bunch of chinese headphones that I don't need. Selling them is not that easy though. I got those delivered for 10 euros a piece. If I sold those shipping alone would be close to 8 euros. You see the problem :) So i rather keep them as spares... I can use the pad's in other headphones etc...

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today got hi2050 and it sound really clean and can say what is what but about too much bass i do not agree even want some time boost up but i am kinda bass head so probably just preference and new stink not nice :D

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