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Now that is a copy...

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Originally Posted by Claus-DK View Post

 but they really took me with my pants down so to speak..




Ok, Claus, you have somehow convinced me to try out a pair of Takstar 2050, but I do hope that my pants will stay secure!

HF is not quite the place to display partial nakedness  wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by Claus-DK View Post

Please give them a shot after some burn in, as they are from the box

I just let a pair of 671 burn-in at high volume for an hour, and I'm now listening L3000.gif



-killer comfort: acceptable clamping, very comfy headband, soft earpads, nothing's really touching my ears...it's pretty much up there w/ the cd3k comfort-wise, and that's saying a lot very_evil_smiley.gif

-headstage ain't bad, especially for the price

-isolation is not inexistent, there's felt on the outer cups. It's not much but it's not inexistent.



-the earpads don't have pleather at the back, so bass impact is flabby

-the mids are a resonances feast, and it'll take a lot of acoustic foam and so to make it bearable I think. I could foresee that the 670 would sound uber-resonant, reason why I prefered to go w/ the 671...you can always close an open phone, but the opposite is a no-go.


So far, I'm happy....together w/ pleather earpads, ortho drivers and acoustic foam/newplast, it shall deliver what I want: an ortho cd3k basically tongue.gif


EDIT: deep bass is far better w/ the sa5k earpads, lucky me that they fit!

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That sure was fast getting to you.

Yeah you're definitely going to have to use the Pleather/leather pads then I guess.


How's the build quality overall fairly solid? I can't wait to see how they end up.

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Quite frankly, even stock w/ only the sa5k earpads added it already sounds quite good. The real killer will be the YH-100 drivers, hopefully next week darthsmile.gif


Well, it doesn't squeek when I move my head, so that's good.

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Sometimes the velour type pads don't cut it for the bass, if anything they seem to reduce it.  I think the HiFiMan velours have a pleather base with the fuzz on top of that , be nice to have something like that. Does anyone else make that type short of rolling your own is the question.  How many extras did you end up having to buy .  See those on the For Sale forums soon? bigsmile_face.gif

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TBH, I've never like velours earpads...I've bought three, one goes to a friend(who will most likely transplant T50RP's) and I will prolly use aniso HP-1 and YH-100 =)


I don't think the Hifiman earpads would fit, they don't seem to use a "lip" on their outer edge. And the sa5k's have a sound that's pretty reminiscent to the cd3k, I like that wink_face.gif

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I love the "Holger Danske" avatar, but I miss you on hoved-fi, I can see you are a member, it has exploded since you last vist..


Hope the Takstar will serve you well and you do not send Holger out to beat me..

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Came across some info on the PRO80


Pics, looks like it comes with a nice box - http://en.goldenears.net/10869

Measurements, quick review - http://en.goldenears.net/GR_Headphones/10893

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Claus, are the Hi-2050 good for movies? And which one do you recommend in terms of sound quality, them or a hd668b?

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I do not use headphones for movies and am not familiar with HD668b..So that is a tough one...


The 2050 is a great phone, not for the price, but just a great phone and I have a hard time seeing anybody getting dissapointed with them..

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Ok, I need an expert help. I have one old Toshiba amplifier from 1979, Model SB-225, about 2x25W real rms, 6.3mm for the heaphone.  It's the transistor amp, caps are rebuilded, etc. Amp is as new.I have it on my desk, I really like the sound of it. It has an exceptional clear midrange sound, S/N level is excellent, highs are beautiful. I didn't have the opportunity to listen to a tube amps, but based on the forums I would compare it sound to a tube amplifier. How will a Hi-2050 behave on this system? I listen mainly 80' pop and rock music and dance from the 90's.And watch a movie from time to time. I like the soft deep deep bass, clear mids and silky, clear higs. Not piercing in any way. Will 2050 be good on this system, I like the looks of it, they must be really comfortable? Thanks in advance.

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Hard to say how they will behave on your system, but older amps often got superior headphoneoutput compared to the new stuff, so I suspect they will be quite good..

For the price of 50$ you can not really go that wrong, but I also must say that I think that the Pro80 would be more to your taste and they look even better and have really blown me away, It has been a looong time since I have been this exited about a pair of earmuffs...


I got more than 50 pairs in my house and the PRO80 is the only one that has gotten any headtime the last month or so, they need a good burnin like the HI2050 also does, but after 150+ hours they are amazing for the price, really a bargain,


There is some info on our danish forum, I hope it is allright that I post a link, use google translate to decipher our strange language..


http://hoved-fi.dk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1257  <-- pro80


http://hoved-fi.dk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=495&hilit=2050  <--HI2050



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They look like a BeyerHeiser HDT558. :p


They may sound good, and may be made well, but they are still copying bigger companies who has been making the models for years. At the price they are worth it to a lot of people. 


I however will stick with the brands I have already purchased as I don't empathize with copies of designs or technology.


The specs aren't exactly killer on those phones either.

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You should stick with the brands you know and love, why trying something new ?? why save a ****load of cash, much better to put them in fat stockholders pockets..


Dynamic drivers are hardly copied, they have been around for many many years.


If you only motivation to post is to bash something why do you waste your time ?? nobody really cares


Oh BTW who do you think produce the Beyer models ???

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