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Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700 MK2 VS. Beyer Dynamic DT 770 PRO-80: Sub 200 Bass king

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We've seen a lot of posts about how the dt 770/80's perform, but almost nothing about the MK2 and no one has ever compared them, the goal is to feel a real upgrade from the XB500's in soundstage, overall quality, while maintaining some TRUE basshead bass :)

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i was about to create this very same thread until i ran a search, does anyone have any 1st hand knowledge? im about to buy one of these from amazon within the next 24 hours? pros, cons anything i should know about?



mostly looking for deep deep sub bass with a long decay for electronic and hip hop, thoughts?

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I would like to resurrect this from the dead. I would like their differences better identified too. I am interested in the pro 700 MKii but worry the sub bass is a bit too rolled off.

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A friend of mine just wants to sell his used (but in excellent condition - 6 months old)) Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohms for a half of the new price. I have tested them for 5 days against my 3 months old Audio-Technica ATH-Pro700 MK2 64 ohms connected on Fiio E07K and I cannot decide if I want them or not. And I don't want to start collecting headphones and having that dilemma of which headphone to listen to certain genre... The problem is that , having a different SPL 96 db vs 106 db , the DT770 sound weaker than Pro700 at the same volume and it is hard to  find the same output volume. Mainly I listen trance and chill and I find that with DT770 I cannot hear clearly the drums/beat, it is transformed into a slow drum with that "ummm" because of the low end bass enhancement. At lower volumes it is pleasant, but rising the volume makes me wonder where is the beat and the high frequencies (and some mids) hurts my ears. I am aware that despite the same frequency range (5-35000 hz) the Beyers has more forward highs and maybe that vents that Beyers has create different low end bass, but I prefer the Pro700. I just wish that they had the sub bass of the DT770 and drums of  Pro700. And maybe more medium frequencies. But, this can be obtained with an equalizer. I know that because of the M50 pads on the Pro700 I lost some hi and mids and gained bass , but I put them only for confort(hurts even with headband stretched) and I will maybe later come back to the original pads That's why I am asking you about the mids difference between them, what do you feel about it? What do you like more to decrease or to increase the equaliser to gain the desired sound, in my case to decreade the DT770 highs or to increase the Pro700 highs? As a reference a use also my Monster Turbine Pro Copper that I like so much for their bass, sub bass, mids and the highs that are not so crispy as the DT770. I know it's me, but I cannot tolerate well high frequencies oh high volume, where the bass shine. And I like to listen the music clean , without equalisation.

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Now I have them both, after I bought the DT770. My  first impression was that DT770 has too much treble, but after 2 months I enjoy them more because of the detail that the treble adds (possibly the mids too). Comparing to ATH-Pro700 they are much open, bright and at low and moderate volume the sub bass is really enjoyable. The ATH-Pro700 sound muffled, especially trebles, mids almost the same, soundstage is small, even if both l go up to 35000 hz . They are good only at high volume where you can feel the bass punch, but they continue to lack soundstage, that stereo feel is reduced. The DT770 at high volumes are lacking the beat/punch and starting to hurt with that high frequency range. But, still, that overall bass is  nicer than the ATH-Pro700. And on trance, chill, ambient low frequency rumble they are a delight ! I even enjoy them on classical music or jazz. I think I am going to sell the Audio-Technica ATH-Pro700mk2. I am still curious how the DT770 compares to Denon D2000/D5000.

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