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AKG K550 vs beyerdynamic DT880 ( pics )

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So i finally got the K550..And i did not like them as much as id hoped..To darn bad since the overall design is..well for me, rather flawless. 


So next up is the DT880 from beyerdynamic. My local store only had the 250 ohm version in stock for testing...Well i thought id give the Nuforce-udac something to fight against so brought them home. 


I took a good listen at the store before i brought them home, the sound was what i was looking for. Much warmer then the k550 and a bit softer at the top range. Still keeping the detail to a very good level. The bass feels heavier then k550 to.

What struck me when i plugged them in to my little tiny udac is that its rather capable to deliver even with the 250ohm german cans. The bass is there, solid as a rock..Even the highs feels under control as well. Directly compared to the K550, i can say that the Dt880s are much smoother overall. The listening experience is much more relaxing and focusing on the music feels like priority number one. This feeling i never got to me with the AKGs which is unfortunate :(


This can feels like the perfect match for me at this time, its very very entertaining and good sounding. I also tried out the AKG k701 which also feels very capable but the signature is lighter and very very detailed..For jazz and vocal music..i would very much want to have them! But at this time im looking for a set of cans that can do everything, in this regard the Dt880 is very capable!


I also plugged them in to my onkyo reciever when playing battlefield 3..They sound very very good with gaming! Clear and the thump of the bass gives that little extra smile when you blow up tanks..For serious gaming i would want a headphone with lesser bass and a more mid range. 


very well, they also have some downsides.


1. The comfort. Rather uncomfy when using glasses which i do. To much clamping even if its not that bad..Byt my stupid four-eyes makes things tough for me in this regard.


2. The overall quality. Not even close to the K550. Its is not shabby rather the k550 is a very solid piece of kit. The hinges feels a little flimsy and the adjustable headband is rather hard to set right. The good thing is the pads and cups..Very deep and gives a good seal. If i could flap my ears i would do it!


3. Design. Im not a big fan. I would not call the the ugliest headphones out there but sure not the prettiest either. They just look very German to me..Like and Audi or Bmw. Rather booring.


If i decide to go all in on the 880 i probably would go with the 32ohm version to ease things of with my little dac/amp..Anyone who has tried em both? if so is there any major difference in SQ between 32 and 250 ohms?




The K550 is the  prom queen when it comes to looks..Jum jum gimme some!



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If HeadRoom's graphology is trustworthy, it's interesting to note the similarity of these two cans with respect to certain metrics (esp. FR):












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Might as well stick with the 250-Ohm version,

the rep. on the 32-Ohm version is it is just as power needy at the 250-Ohm.

But the DT880 Premium 32-Ohm might have slightly less grip around the ears, might make it easier for glasses.

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I have both of these and I actually kind of prefer the DT880 for most music - especially electronic stuff. It may sound weird, but they seem to have more bass to me, too.

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