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For Sale: Various Tubes

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Various Tubes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Tubes were either sold or new classified ad created for indivdual tubes.

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Please check PM

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Are the Sylvania 6AS7G rebadged RCAs, or is there some difference between the Sylvania and the RCA?  I am interested in these tubes, but every single RCA 6AS7G tube I put in my amp makes it hum.  My amp is very picky with tubes.

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I don't have any RCA 6AS7G, so I can't say. I've posted some new pictures, maybe you can tell from them. They've never hummed in my WA22. Thanks.

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It's just my amp is sensitive.  Most people have no problems with RCA tubes.  It's just the bad omen I was born under.


Based on the pictures, it looks like the Sylvania tubes are very similar to RCA gray plates.  But, I can't be certain.  Just because they look similar doesn't mean they are the same thing.  They are eerily similar, though....


P.S.  Thanks for posting more pics.  I'll research them more to see if they are different tubes.  If they are, I'll probably buy a set.  If they are the same as the RCAs, they'll just most likely make my amp hum again.  Nothing against your amp is very fastidious. 

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PM sent.  I'll take the pair of Sylvania 6AS7G.

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thanks! loving my 7236

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Thanks for your PM.  Sorry, I could not respond due to the daily limitation of 2.

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