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For Sale:
Thinning out the collection: CD1700, DT48E-25, DT480, N6330 Sextett and N6325 Electret among others...

Will Ship To: Anywhere



firstly, I have too many headphones.


Secondly, I am too content with what I have that I cannot justify keeping the headphones that are largely out of use.  


There will be more headphones on offer, updates will follow.


Sony MDR CD1700: I am sad to let this gem go but I have too. It is either this one or the K400/K500-siblings. (Tiemen was right about this beauty.)


Beyerdynamic DT48E-25: at least twenty years old, new ear pads and rugged is an understatement to describe this headphone. It has new ear pads. I prefer to pass this headphone on with the DT480.


Beyerdynamic DT480: the DT48 yet pleasant and quite akin to the K400/K500-sound. A bit of power brings it to life. The DT48E and DT480 are both in good condition. I am willing to let them go for 160 euros + mailing costs.


Philips N6330 Sextett: again, a vintage gem that just makes you experience the music. I am sad to let this marvel go. I prefer to pass this headphone on with the N6325 Electret. These headphones make me a Philips fanboy... (Tiemen used to have this one too.)


Philips N6325 Electret: I recently bought it but I cannot keep it. This headphone has a special sound that in some ways eclipses the CD1700 to such an extent that I can only jump around in sheer joy. Out of head bliss yet you have to find the right fit. Reserved...


Sony DR 5A/6A/7: vintage Sony headphones from the seventies and eighties.


Lenco K-105: vintage, a sweet headphone.


Fostex T50RP: I 'reviewed' it and intended to play with it. After a while I just did not care for it so here it is, completely stock. Reserved...


AKG K500: I am sad to let this one go. Rightly amplified it sings...


AKG K400: this version has the leather headband. If I have to choose I prefer too keep the K240DFs but I will miss this beauty. I prefer to sell the K500 and K400 as one set. Given both are in good condition yet the cables are ageing (I considered special recabling) I am willing to let this set go for 160 euros + mailing costs. 


Trades: I am interested in the Grado HF2. I remember it sounding very close to the HD800, yet in a thoroughly fun way. 


My regards,


Deep Funk


P.S. The CD1700 has special driver which according to some sources is very fragile in some way. I will check it out.


Some photos you can find here, more to come:


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