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Thanks for the info :)

Gear mentioned in this thread:

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Sorry if I copy/paste what I said in the other thread:


I think the problem of screeching with xonar stx might be related to a defective Ram.

Recently I removed a stick of RAM because random problem occurred, recently my computer even refused to start.

I think there's a bug when using two sticks of 2Gb, or it come from my motherboard, because memtest couldn't in the past detect anything.

The ram I  use is from G-SKILL  (F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK)

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I think the screeching noise maybe due to the videocards audio drivers. Just don't install those drivers, it gives you a choice. I have windows 7  64 bit and have never had a single problem.


i7 3930K

Asus P9X79 Pro

Corsair 32gb (4x8gb)

Corsair 1200w psu

EVGA GTX 580 Classified

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its not the ram or video driver


the w7 driver of the card are bugged

btw a guy talked to customer service

and here the result:








so after some mails i got an answer from asus about the problem

1st there is no solution and
2nd it is not a general problem, if it would be one many users would have reported this bug and send there card back but nobody did this


asus thinks only a few people have this problem
and won't fix it
they just say disable onboard sound (and if u already have)  try older drivers....

so there is no help and no fix from asus
and there will be no fix for it !!!!!!!!!!
unless ALL people here will report the bug
but i know that nobody will so live with the bug and risc your headphones

the only thing u can do is use another soundcard or go back to xp

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Ouch... Nice reply there from ASUS.


I'm getting the ST for my Win7x64 in a week or so. I'll keep this thread posted about whether or not I get the screech. If I do, I've decided I'm going to run two Operating Systems on my PC. A main one for gaming, movies and general storage and a second one dedicated to high end audio, work and the digital creation of music. I'm thinking of making the second OS WinXP - what do you guys think? What do you think is the best OS from which to run high end audio phones (especially with the Essence ST in mind)? Maybe a mac OS if I can get one?


Sorry for reviving the thread, but I reckon this problem still deserves our attention considering how many actually have the card and/or the STX.

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Owner of the Essence ST here. Never had problems besides the windows boot-up pop. No music screeching/freezing here. 

I have onboard soundcard set as Windows default when listening to music. J River Media exclusively uses the Asus souncard on Wasapi. 

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Originally Posted by 29ways View Post

Owner of the Essence ST here. Never had problems besides the windows boot-up pop. No music screeching/freezing here. 

I have onboard soundcard set as Windows default when listening to music. J River Media exclusively uses the Asus souncard on Wasapi. 

Good to hear! The less buyers remorse the better.

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I happen to have an "all-Asus®" Windows box, specifically a CM1630-06 packing EAH6850 DirectCU® video and XONAR® Essence STX audio (the STX being the subject of this Thread) plus an Antec® TP-750 PSU to keep everything fed, running Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit 7.0.8001 (MultiProcessor Kernel 6.1.7601).  Having a lot of Internet video and music activities elsewhere, I use an offboard custom LinUX box to handle audio preprocessing for any video that I have to stream from the CM1630.


I found that only the analog-output section of the STX suffers from the screech, which appears symptomatic of loss of negative feedback in the I-V circuitry (the STX ships with two JRC2114D dual operational amplifiers in the I-V, but can be upgraded to (as of March 2012) Texas Instruments®-marketed dual op amps such as the Brown-Burris® OPA2187 or National Semiconductor® LME49720NA or LME49860NA mentioned on other Threads).  As I found with the LinUX box's Creative Laboratories® SB0350 PCI audio card and SB0250 I/O Drive on the receiving end of the STX' S/P-DIF, an external DAC (such as the FIIO® E9 mentioned among the previous Posts this Thread) fed from the STX' S/P-DIF output (coaxial or optical) should run normally even with the STX' local speakers in a steady scream.


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I'm using my Essence STX straight from the delivery date with linux only, ubuntu 11.04 AMD64 in my case.

When i'm hiding under my HD 650, i hear always a "tick" sound when booting up, means when i log into Ubuntu.

Also, when the System is into Suspend Mode, and wake up from that mode, it shuffles Headphone 1+2,

so i must set manually under Sound Preferences my Headphones to 1, otherwise i don't hear any sound,

that sucks...but for myself it's way better than using WinDOS....i've upgraded ALSA to 1.0.25 some months

ago, and the sound is way good. (Using LME49720HA OpAmps, but Upgrade to LME49990 OpAmps

is on schedule)

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For people that have problems on win 7, I suggest to install this hotfix:


I'm not sure it's the fix, because the problem of screeching is very rare for me.

But since it's a hotfix related to sound, install it anyways.

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Sad, so nobody can say if the LME49990 Sounds *better* than the LME49720's?

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So after upgrading from Xonar DX (which had high pitch problem sometimes - VERY uncomfortable!) to XONAR STX I have right headphone static noise problem. It happened 5 days after fresh windows 8.1 64 bit installation, I tried to switch to UNIxonar drivers and back to Asus beta drivers (for windows 8.1 there is NO better official drivers) but static noise is there. Prior to fresh windows installation I had the same problem and managed to solve it by taking out sound card form PC and putting it back and reinstalling drivers.



Any soultion to right headphone static noise?

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