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I bought a pair here not long ago and the cosmetic condition is really bad, just like yours with dents, scratches and tears. The sellers said they were just like when he received them and I believe him.

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wow your fa-011's look amazing.  I just received mine and they are in pretty bad condition.  The finish on the wood is uneven, the gold metal part on the side of the cups is dented/scratched/tarnished, and the ear pads are torn.  I also think my FA-011s sound horribly sibilant, more so than any other headphone I've tried: beyer dt 990 600 ohm, jvc rx700, Panasonic RP-HTF600, T50-RPs, Senn HD 555s.  I wonder if their quality control has gone down because of the high demand for these headphones?  I'd love to hear a good exampled of these headphones.