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I have a Maverick Audio D1 Dac.  This thing has a tube output and a SS output.  I have heard that the tube is only there to color the sound a little bit since the tube does no amping, only the opamp.  I was thinking about buying a Project Sunrise Hybrid amp, a little diy kit sold here.  I was reading a thread that Uncle Erik had this to say about the amp,




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Just how does a tube make all the difference?
Because you could put the most rare, cryo'ed tube into a bad circuit and make it sound terrible. The circuit is everything. Modest parts in a great circuit sound wonderful. The finest parts in a bad circuit sound awful. Try it yourself.
And speaking of circuits, I pulled up the site for this amp. It says that the power supply is switching - any good reason for not using a linear supply? Because switching supplies throw out a lot of RFI. You don't want RFI in your amp.
Further, it says that the power supply is 24V.
Here's the 6922 datasheet:
If you look at the datasheet, it says that the 6922 runs at 90V-100V for class A operation.
How does this amp develop at least 90V to run a 6922 in class A?
Or is this one of those amps that nominally "runs" a tube for a little coloration and primarily relies on solid state for amplification?

There seems to be a lot of that these days. Solid state doesn't sell well, so tart it up with a tube that isn't contributing much of anything and call it a hybrid.
You'd be better off bypassing the tube and just calling it a solid state amp. More accurate and less coloration, too.
Best amp in the world? That's not what I'd call it.
I also take exception to the Ed. 9, but's that's a firefight for another day.
I'd like to know why someone thought a switching power supply is a good idea. If so, how is it shielded or dealt with to suppress RFI?
Also, just what is the tube doing in there? If it is only running at 24V, then its curves would be quite non-linear and not running in class A, according to the datasheet referenced above.

The orange text is kinda what I don't understand.  I know when I changed tubes in the Maverick I could hear the difference.


Plus I have heard that switching power supplies have come into there own lately and are not very noisy anymore, any truth to that?