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MiuAudio MRA DIY Headphone amp

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We welcome well before the candy kits. DIY kits are entry-level play, as we always wanted to provide you with a higher degree of completion of the DIY kit, so MiuAudio MRA DIY HeadAmp kit was born. This DIY kit, and provides us with a more comprehensive housing,so that the whole DIY kit more perfect present.


Kit to DIY for fun, MRA kit lines to 47 lines for the reference and the motor change, two-level amplification circuit, power supply for the virtual design using TLE2426, more stable op amp, so the fortunes of the work put very little voltage fluctuation small, in theory, allow dynamic better and quieter background. two of the amplification from the design point of view, more suitable for high impedance headphones.
Placed on the operation selected KIA4559 because this style of bass IC dye, the bands sound is more balanced.
The key parts are original kit components, use 1% precision resistors, potentiometers for special custom, the original machine with the KIA4559 more neutral, we can put your favorite NE5532, OPA627 (switch to double), OPA2132 and other op amp .







With our great success in producing quality headphone amplifier, Miu Audio decided to share our experience with our users. 
- Input Impedence: 10K Ohms unbalanced 
- Input: Audio in 3.5mm jack (left/right) x 1;
- Output: Headphone out 3.5mm jack (stereo) x 1; 
- 1 x volume knob included; 
- Operated by 9V battery (not included)
- Size: W51 X H21 X D74 mm (not knob)

Retail Price:US$42.00



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Looks pretty good... :-)
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I wonder of course how it sounds but this a great looking amp for 42 bucks. I could see this being my first DIY project.

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Thank you! We will try to do the best.

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Looks promising, when will this be available? DEFINITELY getting it. One question though, is there a charging circuit? Or will we be stuck with changing our batteries every once in a while?

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This package is only a 9V battery, not charging circuit.

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Any word on how often it needs changing?

Originally Posted by miu6 View Post

This package is only a 9V battery, not charging circuit.



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This kit uses common market supply 9V battery, but the package is not included.

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IS there a possibility of a charging circuit? How much more would it cost? I would like to purchase this myself. I'm not at the level where I can pick out the parts for myself for a DIY but granted they are all supplied I would love to put together one.

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I'm sorry! Because PCB size is only 47X70MM. Space is limited so not enough places.



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That thing looks TINY! Any word on how long it would last on one charge? Theoretically?

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Working time for more than 20 hours
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Boy, for the cost of taking your wife to the movies, you could get in on some DIY action.  And it's moron proof, since all the bags are labeled.  Is the circuit similar to a CMOY?

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Circuit is a modified version of the M47 Upgrade Kit.

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when can i order? :D 

also will i be able to find it at stores in HK (save some cheap shipping) 

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