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you go away a few days....

I'll never catch up, but did I miss anything important? I saw the info on Jan's Porta-Corda drooool. I'm excited to say the least! Seems Headwize will be up again, have yet to check tho, have some stuff to catch up to first

Any prog-news? any new hd580 or dt931 reviews to make me more comfused than I already am? any new tricks to rob a bank without killing yourself or getting caught? (you know they won't let you take your headphones in jale? you might hang yourself they say like I'm gonna kill myself when I got headphones around?! :P)
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Braver said...

... like I'm gonna kill myself when I got headphones around?! :P
What if they took away your headphones and made you wear Sony StreetStyles?

And chych put up a MSB Link Dac II review, just so I'm still on-topic...
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oh, and I'd need some music to go with the headphones too :P silly me

sony streetstyles ey...dunno never heard them. ├žourse if they have the cheap-sony-signature-sound....I would hope the cord is strong enough to carry me
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Theres a James Bond movie where one of the bad dudes strangles people with the cord of his headphones. they looked really ****ty though. My Grados could do much more damage.
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I remember that! He'd be listening to the same damn song every time he killed somebody. It was real annoying. Also, I've got to say that he was one of the cheesier villains in the series.

"I mean, really. Who fights with a shoe?" - Austin Powers.
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