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Originally Posted by funniecow View Post

KOSS PORTAPROS my first set, thought I do use my ink'd skull candy a lot more just because I don't want to be rude and flood the air with my sense of music.  Its final season where I hail from. 

My Skull Candy Inked IEMs just broke. They say they have a lifetime warrenty( that would be cool with everything on Head-Fi). It would almost be easer just to buy another pair as they cost almost the same as postage and handling. HA 


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Rocking with Linkin Park by Ultimate Triple Fi 10 > Bose QC2 > Beyer Dynamic DT880

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SRH840's still.

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Originally Posted by Arbite View Post

SRH840's still.

Me to man. Still excellent as always.

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Currently using the Aiaiai Tma-1's. I have been using them for almost a week, the sound pretty good with prog rock and industrial. 

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right now using my Fostex T50rp i modded(but still making slight adjustments here and there) off of speaker outputs.
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Sennheiser HD 600 is the can of the month. Still breaking it in. W4 when am away from home.
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Sony MDR 7506. Would be my new K240s if I had an amp or maybe the Grados if the damn imbalance didn't bother me so much.

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HE-6 for most music listening. MB Quart QP-95X when the weight of the HE-6 gets to me. They don't sound a lot alike but the 95X is incredibly light and satisfyingly neutral in sound quality.

SRH-840 when working in somebody else's office.

HD25-1 II when traveling.

MB Quart QP-160 for almost all non-music listening, which includes watching random videos on YouTube. I have the computer set up to route iTunes to the stereo and all other sound sources to the QP-160. They sound good enough out of the computer's headphone jack and are forgiving of poor audio quality without muddying the sound. They're small and lighter than the 95X.

K240 Sextetts when I am in the mood for 'em. They are fun.

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I just got my Stax SR-202 and SRM-212 in the mail today. No surprises as to what I've been listening to for the past few hours...


Of course, this isn't exactly my first pair of Stax, given the SR-Lambda and SRD-7/SB I was using prior. I'll probably sell those off soon since I don't need multiple electrostatic headphone systems.

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Currently rocking my new favorite my shure srh940. My deity these are amazing.

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Blox M2C, as usual. Comfortable and lightweight.

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Listening some Dubstep on my Pro900's. basshead.gif

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balanced 240DF(re-cabled and terminated with 4-pin XLR) at the moment, listening to some Long Arm(trip-hop).
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Audio Technica Ath AD700 tonight while listening to "Crazy As A Loon" on WFUV radio station.

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