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I took out the good ol' HDJ2000 for portable duty today, and rediscovered how much I like it.

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X3/Arrow / Sig Pro
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Denon D2000 with D5000 earcups. Adds just the right amount of warmth to be intimate and enjoyable. I wonder what the D7000 would be like? I have my Fostex TH-900 but the Denons still manage to call me back sometimes.

edit: Back to the TH-900s. smily_headphones1.gif
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I like this thread.

I use it to find chain pairings that work very very well, to get a song with a source and HP that sounds better than one would suspect. I also discover music and HP and amps/odac I do not know about.
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Originally Posted by MrTechAgent View Post

4)HFI - 450 (M50 and ZX700 killer)

Great example of the extreme price sensitivity in Asian markets.

'Killer' of another can that is only $20 to $50 more., 20% more.
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VLC-->ZD-Tech 2704-->8416 Fiios Clone-->Edifier HA11-->Edifier H840.

This HP is a CAL! attempted knock off. At $32 on sale it's a bargain and a worthy addition to any collection. Where the 840 stands out among my current stable, is that it has an unmeasured quality - when I listen to tracks to compare it to the 668b or CAL! I often forget to analyse but instead listen to the tracks all the way through. This has happened on several 25+min prog rock tracks (ELP Tarkus from Gold CD) and on several occasions.

I simply forget to switch over to the 668's or the CAL! to listen on 'the better headphones'.

This can has engagement and toe-tapping ability, a rare quality in any headphone.
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Sitting in front of the computer ripping some CDs-


Grado 225i with iBaso D2 Boa.



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V-Moda M100 + iBasso DX50 + JDS Labs C5

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I've been getting back into vinyl after destroying and bringing back to life my turntable


Pro-Ject Debut lll>Ortofon Super OM20>ADL GT40>Meier Stock USB>OPPO BDP-105>OPPO Stock Optical>Meier Daccord>Meier Corda Classic>T1


The Alan Parsons Project "Tales Of Mystery and Imagination-Edgar Allan Poe"

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Audeo PFE232

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My new V-Moda M-80s

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Beyerdynamic T1 

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New here. Currently using Q701 at night when I can't use my speakers. Also looking to try out DT 880!

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Home: NuForce DAC-100 > HD800


Work: HM-602 > HE-400

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