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Sennhesier HD650 through the Schiit Valhalla. It will be playing through the HA-160DS and the HRT MS II+ in a couple of weeks, mostly the HA-160DS though.

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HFI 580 trhough MBP

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Thinking about 598, but these m50s are just so awesome.

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Ultimate Ears TF10 Custom, Grado 325i, AKG K240, probably gonna get rid of my 325 soon

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Old but gold - Sennheiser HD 580 Precision.



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Good old Sennheiser HD280.  Though the headband is more Electrical Tape than anything else at this point, the drivers still sound great, and late at night the isolation (and lack of leakage) is invaluable.

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V-MODA V-80s. My new favorites. Hard to fathom why they were over $100 off the M-80s. Is True Blood that much of an albatross? blink.gif

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Right now, I'd say I spend the most time with the Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV and Ultrasone Signature PRO. Both sound exceptional even out of an unamped iPod or MiniDisc player, and I don't mind taking the Signature PRO to work with me since it's built like a tank.


The Stax SR-009 has been getting almost as much time, really only limited by the fact that I have no space for the KGSS on my desk at the moment.

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Currently using Westone One's that my brother procured for me in China =)


My Beyer DT880s is tucked safely away in its box. It gets pretty light use these days since I'm pretty busy at the hospital =(



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Old faithful.....Grado SR60i's out of my Touch 4G.

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Listening to old synthpop band OMD with my Pro 900, FiiO E11 and J3. So. Much. Energy. Aarrhh..
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Currently Burning in my grado's. I like their sound signature so far, i have switched to bowl pads. 

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LCD-3s right now! Had them since release (about 6 or 7 weeks) and they easily get the majority of my head time! L3000.gif

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Grado SR80i's. Trying to decide what I could do to mod them to fit my signature and make them a lot darker sounding...

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Believe it or not but i am using the dreaded m50s i hated a few months ago. This is why i don't sell things. I might dislike it at the beginning but later they are gold.

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