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Knowing i dont have to take finals, except for one class because his break down sucks of 50% tests/30% quizes/20% labs. Than Christmas Break, and ill be posting on Head-Fi and watching my buying & selling shows and selling stuff.

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Did okay on my Chinese oral final.

Got one of my little psychology papers turned in.

Did some solid questing in Skyrim.

WD-40 fixed my squeaky chair.

Music sounds awesome right now.

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That my apartment didn't flood.


We had some heavy rain today (I used to live in the Pacific Northwest, and this was truly heavy rain) which caused the street to flood.  The city actually blocked it off.


It got within about three inches and I was about to go get sandbags.  Fortunately, it let up and has receded mostly.  Looks clear the rest of the week, too.


Bonus: havin to hold the door open for the cat several times.  She acted like she wanted out, so I had to hold the door open, with rain and cold wind coming in, while she decided whether she wanted to go out.  She decided to stay in.  Eventually.

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Receiving my shure srh940 made my day perfect.

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Just found out I got a 72/75 on my first Bio final since switching from engineering... My switch from senior to freshman will not go in vain biggrin.gif!!!!

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Getting my desktop amp + more headphones. Im so excited! 

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Heading home to see the family. 

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Got some vacations. 

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My brothers M-Stage came and we listened to music all day! ksc75smile.gif

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Good news from my Doctors! Plus a weekend at an Audiophile friends place.... He's got a killer system.... Hint his speakers are Sound Labs and a Killer Vinyl and Sacd Equip.  majestic_tn.jpg

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I didn't have enough time to study for my art history final but all the questions that were on the final today was easy XD

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This made my day awesome

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It was the last day of school for 2011, and there's one week left next year in this semester, before the three week long exam break, and I don't have to write any exams. L3000.gif

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All around good day.  Got my grades back (4.15 this semester biggrin.gif), found out I'll get my new phones in time for christmas, and got to participate in curing 3 men of cancer (shadowed a cancer surgeon all day, so cool)

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Just started my holidays and it's -1°C outside <3 Ice rink here we come!

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