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What made your day awesome?

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To counteract all the negative vibes over in the QQ thread.


I stole this from another forum, but they're cool with it.

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I got to sleep like all day without interruption /sickly

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Getting home and throwing my shure srh840 on. My day will be great on tuesday when i receive my shure srh940.

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Watching the season finale of Boardwalk Empire just made my day. Loved both of the climactic scenes, the first one being totally unexpected. eek.gif

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Hearing some buetiful Irish christmas music when i first woke up on WFUV radio in New York City.

Playing SKYRIM all day with my Koss Pro-4AA headphones.

Seeing a buetiful full moon tonight with crystal clear skies.

Using my Insignia bass reflex bookshelf speakers for some quality late night nearfield listening.


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Ah I spent a lot of hours studying for stupid finals (which are in a few hours and I'm still not asleep) and raiders got destroyed while the stupid donkeys won too. Thats what made my day awesome-..... ly bad biggrin.gif

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I found my Pink Floyd CD of the wall.  I was able to forget about finals, bills, and the holiday season for a few hours. 

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I completed acquiring the last of the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list. Been at that on and off ever since the list was released.

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The Cowboys losing another game in the fourth quarter, in an even more gruesome manner than last week, made my day awesome. beerchug.gif

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Nothing like coming home knowing that all your exams are finished and that you'll get a really good end-of-year report tomorrow. biggrin.gif

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I gave a ride home to 2 of my coworkers after work.  After dropping off the first guy, I asked my other coworker, who happens to be a very attractive blond young woman, "Where should I take you?" 


And she answered, "Wherever you want"


That was an awesome day.

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The realization that come February I'll be hanging an album signed by Trent Reznor on my wall made me pretty happy today. 


Got some fantastic cheese and apple cider today that made it better, and just having the day off work in general.

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My team won at ball hockey.!!

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Had some time to play around with a new toy :)

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Buying a CD of an album I originally had on vinyl and last heard 25 years ago, feeling afraid that I'll have outgrown it, and then realizing that on a good stereo it's more awesome than I ever remembered it.

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