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Hi guys, right now my setup consist of an old Pioneer TT, an Onkyo A-7040 vintage amp and a pair of AKG K702. I consider passing my studio setup through this amp too so I will be able to listen to my vinyls and monitor my mix through this amp.


Anywayz, my question is about the amp in itself. I was wondering if it's a good model and if it delivers good audio compared to other amps. I do not have any base of comparison, it's the only amp I own. My other option would be to buy a portable amp like the Ibasso D4 or Toucan. So to sum it up, would an Ibasso amp deliver better sound quality than this amp ?? What does my amp compare too in term of performances ? My father told me he paid a lot of money for this amp back in the days.....


Here's the amp :




Spec Onkyo A-7040.jpg