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Ive not tried the E6 but it should be fine. I only have my C421 amp which is excellent. And the HP100 doesn't lack bass
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full review is up



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Just got news that advancedmp3players.co.uk week be stocking these beauties soon
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Sellers in Europe:


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hey, i currently have the ath m50 and am looking for some cans with less bass and more forward mids. i want to stay under  $200 but will spend $250 if there is something a lot better there.

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I currently just got a really nice deal on a used set of the soundMagic HP100, and I am very excited to get the pair and try them out. I only have the built i n amp on the dedicated sound card I have installed in the pc. I suppose that will have to do for now until I can firstly get a portable amp that bring out these cans full sound from what I am hearing. I will let you guys know what I think and if I am happy with them. Thank ostewart for the feedback and it was appreciated.

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