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I shall be reviewing these babys soon guys. So watch this space. Anyone know the official price?
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Any news on this cans?

Is Tyll still going to review these?

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can somebody give detailed review about Soundmagic HP100? Does the price match the build & sound quality?

Thanks in advance

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Sadly the pair I got was faulty (their mistake, sent me it by accident) so im still waiting for the good pair. Build was very solid, and stylish. Super comfy with excellent padding, good accessories, very nice hard case. A straight short cord would have been nice to compliment the long coiled one.
Cant give sonic impressions yet.
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ClieOS put into capsule form what was said in a review (the only review so far on the net) by pistonheads.com. To add to what airomjosh is asking, would the Soundmagic HP100 be worth the additional $20 to $30 over the cost of the ATH-M50? They're both closed-backs but do they have different sound signatures? The ATH-M50 is already an old design while the Soundmagic HP100 is a relatively new headphone so would it be better going for the new HP100? (I wish I could be as good as ClieOS putting into a capsule what I want to find out.) thanks, headfiers.

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on randomkid's query re price: in Manila, the Philippines, a headphones shop called Egghead sells it for PhP8,900. That would be the equivalent of about US$200.

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I should be getting the new pair in a week or 2
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Got my new pair from soundmagic, will be uploading a few pics for you guys soon
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here are the pics, sneak peak: (not great quality, sorry, review will be coming soon)



Nice hard case









Bass ports?





Detacheable 3.5mm jack, locks into place as you can see


well thats it for now folks. will update with a review in the next few weeks, burn-in time :)

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well for now, i can say i think they are ok for the price, but you can do better. the sound is pretty balanced, but fun. detailed but not in an analytical way, so they are easy to listen to. i find the mids are a bit behind, but nothing seriously bad.


the soundstage is pretty wide.


lows are nice, with impact when needed, and excellent extension, but does not overpower the rest of the spectrum, without bleeding into the mids.

mids are a bit far back for my liking, but i must admit i like mid forward cans. the detail is fine and they dont suffer from sibilance.

highs are well defined with good extension without being bright, detail is very good in the highs.


these are fairly forgiving of bad sources, but sound a lot better with lossless.


they are quite hard to drive, and i find myself always using my amp with them.


thats it for now


(love the look and build feels very sturdy, although the metal plates are very prone to fingerprints and scratches)

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do you think, this would be an upgrade to he300 in terms of overall SQ?

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I've never tried the HE300 but if you want a more balanced DT770 pro 80ohm then this is the way to go
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>randomkid: good review, short and sweet. I listened to the HP100 at a shop which had a demo unit and I agree they need amping (32 ohms but low sensitivity at 95db?) because I had to dial my Sansa Fuze to its max volume to hear it well -- although I did like very much what I heard. However, for the price, even a low-priced amp such as a Fiio E6 would still be additional expense. You did say "ok for the price but you can do better."  what hp would you recommend as a better alternative?

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well it really depends on your source and taste, as these are smooth with no real peaks or dips in the frequency response, great for just laying back and listening to, i love them for that, they portray the music in such a pleasant way that you really listen to the music and not get details and nuances thrown in your face (but they are still there)


the Shure SRH940 would be better for treble heads, who want more detail, and the Denon D2000 for bassheads (only used at $200) i dont really know what else as it all depends on use/source/music preference


Yes they are hard to drive, because of the 95db sensitivity, even though they are only 32ohm.

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clieOS did mention that an amp would bring out the bass nicely. the most affordable amp would be the Fiio E6. would the E6 be sufficient, would it make a good pairing, for the HP100? thanks loads.

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