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alrighty, and the watch bug has bit.. bought 3 g shocks, a black gd200, a army green 5600a-3 and another 5600cc-2 in mettalic blue.. although the riseman and 8000 have also caught my eye..

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I have 2 HP-15C scientific calculators from the 80's that are still in excellent condition. this was the golden age of HP's. batteries have been known to work 10+ years in these things.

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I got an old Casio scientific lying around the house somewhere from the 80's (I think) as well. The battery has long died, but the solar cell on it keeps it going still.
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Lucky you. I think they don't make them like they used to. My hitachi lasted less than six months before calling it quits. My Braun, a cheap battery powered shaver from the late nineties survived a whole case of evils.



Yeah, my mom bought me a tri-foil about 5 years back, and that thing died in under 3 months, while the Hitachi kept chugging on. I imagine sooner or later, I'll have to resharpen the razors, though.

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indestructible items that I still use: my grandfather had winter boots made, in the 1940s. I just wore them over the holidays, nothing is sturdier, warmer, and comfier in below-freezing weather (a fortnight in a cold place being my idea of a getaway from balmy SoCal). my other grandfather made pocket knives, using steel and horn, and they are more reliable than any other pocket knives I've ever had; these are even older than the boots. I like my e38 BMW because it never exhibits the finicky character of my other car (an 09 GTI), so it's come to the point where the old car is a daily driver and the GTI is used a lot less... other great products that have way outlasted their expected lifespan: in 1986 I built a pair of speakers that my brother still rocks, no fixes needed. he also still uses the technics gear I bought that year. and I own a wristwatch (which I don't wear, though) that was made in the 1930s and works flawlessly. I also have some sports coats that are from the 1950s and in perfect shape - whether Harris tweed, or wool, they fit and look fresh. of course, in CA weather they see no use at all.

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An item that will last forever....comedian Steven Wright in his act would pull out an axe and say "this is the axe George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree......I have had to replace the handle and the head...but it occupies the same space as the original"

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