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Originally Posted by Majin View Post

is there a special sale going on @ xeport? and how much is the shipping cost?

Free shipping intl (without tracking) on order above $50

Shipping with tracking ~$33

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SP51 on Amazon cost $35 with free shipping

5010 on Amazon cost $15, with $4.99 standard shipping

5010 on Xeport cost $15, with most like around $4 shipping, and if you order $50 more, shipping is free. 


if you want even better deal, you might want to wait, impossible is nothing!

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When I had such a good time with my recent purchase of inexpensive Monoprice 8320, I  had to try out this XePort 3010, the company based on stateside with very reasonable price tag. So I ordered each of their three models and just received them today listening to XePort 3010 iem right now. It is much too early to tell which is better between 8320 and 3010 to my ears. But I can tell you that 3010 fits better and isolate better than 8320. Right out of the box, 3010 reminds me sound signature of Klipsch Image S4. It sure doesn't sound like any cheap iem though. If this small company out of US can make such a reasonably priced good sounding iem available to consumers, it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg for top notch sounding iems or at lease more reasonably priced. I am not sure whether XePort manufacture their own iems right here in US or more likely outsourced like Monoprice, but it sure sounds very pleasing to my ears so far with small price tag. When I have a chance to hear other XePort models, I will post my impression when suitable.

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the more I listen to my 3010, the more I like it, regardless what kind of songs I'm listening, it pleases my ears. for a $10 iem, you probably won't find anything else better than this one. 


If they could offer the case with it, it would be even better. 


and I got an email from them, saying they are going to increase the price, not sure which product and how much. I think within $10 increase, any of those 3010, 5010 and 7010 is still good deal.

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Got this mail:




Dear ***


After our last round of Super Sale on both Amazon and our website, we are planning to adjust the sales price slightly higher on some of the models to reflect the true value of our products. We like to say thanks for your support and interest in our products and hope you are enjoying the good quality of our earphones.


At meantime, if you do like our products and services, we would appreciate your help to share this information among your friends to allow them to take advantages of our Super Sale before it expires.

We would also appreciate if you could share your valuable feedbacks one our website, forums and Amazon so that other consumers could benefit from your opinions.

Sincerely Yours,


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the price is going UP A LOT!


and they are offering a referral program now. if anyone want to buy them a bit cheaper, you can use my coupon code: "X0228ZL" to save 7.5% OFF the current price. (and be to honest, I also earn 7.5% which is not bad at all etysmile.gif)

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I got the 7010 a few weeks ago while they were 20$. I wanted an alternative to the Shure SE215 I have (didn't like having to put them on and take them off while in the office, plus the over the ear look is dorky). They sound pretty good, quite on the warm side. I have a few quibbles though:
- The cloth cable makes a LOT of noise when rubbed, even with music playing. This gets really annoying when it rubs against my shirt collar (just moving my head around is enough to produce some rubbing noise) or when walking. Had this issue been known to me, I wouldn't have bought these.

- Despite that they don't isolate as well as the SE215.

- (YMMV) Comfort is so-so. It seems that my right ear is shaped differently than my left one. I tried all the 3 different sized eartips and ended up using the medium ones on both but the fit on my right ear is tighter. When walking, the left earbud becomes loose if pulled on with light to medium force. I wouldn't wear them for running or lighter exercices. I can only wear them for 30min to 1hr at a time without readjusting them. I believe this is due to the size of the ceramic housings. BTW, forget about using non-stock eartips. The size of the housing makes it impossible. Another dealbreaker for me.

Don't get me wrong, they sound good, especially when you consider the price I paid for these but the comfort and the constant cable noise can make listening to music fatiguing.

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disappointed that I didnt jump on the 5010s when they where $15 frown.gif

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just happened to stop by their website, they are doing Anniversary sales now, everything is 20% OFF, for those who didn't get a chance to buy before the price went up, HURRY!



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Are the 5010's and 3010's still worth the buy at $30 and $20. I've got some spare cash and need some variety. I only have a $4 set of iem's so the original cost is very inviting, but what about the new prices.

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Yes, very much so. Even at $10 more they'd both be pretty okay.

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Thanks. Didn't think I'd get a response. I was so late to the party. I'm seriously considering checking them out.

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