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I appreciate the information. Obviously, I am not a computer guru, but I am glad that my listening tests agree with your assessment, FLAC = WAV (and apparently =CD too). Looking over this forum, this seems to be a good place to pick up the science behind the sound!

Yes because the FLAC codec just squeezes the original WAV file but doesn't throw any of that info out the window in the way that MP3 does.


Now with that said.......I have a difficult time distinguishing between a LAME encoded disc and a FLAC on the same gear or from a source/person that I know does everything by the book to get the highest quality rips.


But....I NEVER make a CD from MP3 based music....only confirmed  FLAC rips(even better if it's an EAC rip).....I just don't see the point in making a CD from anything less than a WAV file even if I won't be able to tell the difference.