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Denon D5000 Or Sennheiser HD650

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I listen to drum n bass,Dubstep and techno. I don't have a proper soundcard in my laptop, so I would listen on my iPod touch with a fiio E11 headphone amp. Thx in advance.
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The Denon.

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HD650 need too much juice to sound to their full potential.


Check out the reviews on Headphonia....very detailed and explains the ups and downs of that headphone.

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The Denon works just fine on portable players with minimal amplification, and the bass is more entertaining than the HD650. Overall detail level is similar.

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I'd take the HD650 most times, BUT you need a decent amplifier for it. So in this case, I'd go with the Denon.

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I would go with the hd650 with fillo e11 

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I like HD600 much, much more than D5000/D7000 (haven't heard HD650, sorry).  But you might prefer the Denons if you want strong bass & good low-amplification performance.  And don't mind the doughnut hole that are the mids.

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Thx guys, but are there any other headphones that you could recommend 4 me?
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If you are coonsidering the Denon 5000, check out http://www.lawtonaudio.com/page8.html for 5000 cusonization and leather ear pads. The sound is said to be even better.

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For modern or electronics music, definitely the denon. It's a lot more lively and fun with a low impedance and nice bass extension. I would suggest you do the markl mod and recable it with mogami, it will be one of the best closed headphone. The sennheiser on the other hand needs a fairly powerful amp and it have a neural, mid centric sound with a huge sound stage. For me I tend to grab the denon more due to the type of music I listen to.

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