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AH-D2000 rattling

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So, basicly i hear rattling in my left ear cup on my ah-d2000s, i've tracked the problem to where the screw that hold the cup is ( the one that always breaks) , if i turn it i hear the rattle, it is also noticable on the other earcup, but not as much as there.

Could this be a loose screw? If so.. how to fix it?


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While were on it, could anyone explain why Electric-Q can analyse the music I play, and react on it when  i change the eq settings, but it doesn't change the sound i hear?

EDIT: obs.. input does not react, but output does.

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I'm sorry, I don't really get the problem. Did you try tightening the screw?

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Right.. reason i'm asking is because i've heard these screw break easily, so i wanted to be sure it wasn't something else causing the problem, the problem seems to persist from time to time, So I guess it has something to do with how i put these things on.

-  Could anyone help me with the Electri-Q thing? Nobody in the PC audio section seems to care about my stupid questions :P
in short, my problem is that Electri-Q mutes all sound coming from my pc when I use it, I can only hear the frequencies of electri-Q,  I seek to replace my SoundCards EQ with electri-Q, how do I do that?

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Electri-Q works fine for me. I'm using Foobar2000 mediaplayer and I enable the Electri-Q DSP. Not sure what the problem is here though, since I don't have a sound card. You might want to post this in the "How to Equalize: Tutorial" thread.

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