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Aixcustix help

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Hello, i am currently trying Aixcoustic ( electri-Q ) as trial,but i really don't know how it works?? I use a asus xonar DS soundcard, i have the ASIO set to 32-bit 2ms ( I have no idea what else to put it to, but if i put it to 16 or 24 bit, it will make a  very horrible sound with aixcoustic when i choose it.

The asio driver i choose is called ''cmasiopPCIX'' which must be my soundcards..

So how do i make this EQ function like any soundcards EQ on my PC? All i hear when choosing the asio driver is a hiss and all other sounds in the PC cannot be heard before i close the application.

Thanks in advance :)

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I've recently installed ASIO4ALL which has allowed me to pick my asus xonar DS with no hissing and i can have the program open with sound, but the EQ doesn't seem to work, I try to boost the bass, but it just doesn't happend.

Can anyone give me some advice? I've chosen ASUS XONAR DS Audio 1 as my input and Asus Xonar DS Digirtal 1 as my output.


Any help will still be greatly appreciated.



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