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This seems to be recent, has good specs (for the price) and it's supposed to be around $50 cheaper than a Yulong U100. I can't seem to find any information about it around here, but it would be nice to know any impressions if anyone is already using it... wink.gif





















MATRIX Rip USB decoder is designed for computer playback of high-fidelity audio with the development of high-impedance headphones amplifier audio equipment. Via computer USB port or coaxial digital audio playback of up to 24bit/96KHz signal, the internal headphone amplifier can easily drive all kinds of moving coil headphones. Sophisticated design Rip USB decoder has the following features:

    • USB interface supports up to 24bit/96KHz playback of digital audio signals. 
    • USB interface, support for Microsoft windows7, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X system. 
    • interface to support up 24bit/96KHz coaxial digital audio signal playback. 
    • internal headphone amplifier unit can drive up to 300 ohm impedance of moving coil headphones. 
    • Dual headphone outputs for easy connection of different impedance headphones. With analog RCA input and output ports can be used as a stand-alone headphone amplifier. 
    • the use of high-quality audio converter chip PCM1793. 
    • the use of special ultra-low distortion audio op amp to get the best signal playback. 
    • the performance of natural sound with texture, perfect exquisite processing technology to meet your computer for high-quality audio and Hi-Fi headphone amplifier.

● Technical Specifications

USB Input: 
    Sampling rate: 24Bit 44.1kHz ~ 96kHz (windows7, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X

Coaxial Input: 
    Sampling rate: 24Bit 32kHz ~ 96kHz

Analog output: 
    Output level: 2VRMS 
    Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz 
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 104dB 
    Distortion: <0.002% (1kHz)

Headphone amplifier:      
    RCA analog input: 20Hz ~ 20kHz 47 k Ohms 
    Maximum output current: 200mA 
    Gain Bandwidth:> 500kHz 
    signal to noise ratio: 95dB

Power supply: 
    Power supply voltage: 18V ~ 24V (AC / DC) 
    Power Supply: <10W

Other Specifications: 
    Operating Temperature: 0 ~ +40 ℃ 
    Weight: 0.4kg 
    Dimensions: 180 × 97 × 33mm (L × W × H)

  Power Supply: 1 set of 
  instructions: 1

For the purpose of improving the design and specifications subject to change without notice.




Specs update:



Originally Posted by snoopy007 View Post

USB section consists of the following


Tas 1020B

PCM 1793




headamp section




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Although I won`t be able to help, this is the exact thread I needed.


I'm very interested in hearing some opinions/impressions on this new dac too!


I'm on the search for my first amp/dac combo (up to 200$) for my hd598 and after 2 weeks of non stop review reading my choice came down to Aune X1 and the Matrix Rip. I have managed to find some reviews of the Aune x1 (although, most of them are in chinese :) ), but I have no luck with finding any info for the Matrix Rip. It seems that the product is very new and there are no reviews anywhere on the net.

Any info about this new dac/amp combo with be highly appreciated!

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Well, judging from other Matrix products widely known, this should be a great option, regarding price and performance. Obviously this is just my guess, and until someone around here reviews it, we'll just have to wait and see... rolleyes.gif

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For anyone curious about the user manual, you can download it here: http://www.matrix-digi.com/english/administrator/img/201111413123327857.pdf



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Has anyone heard this DAC? Is it worth taking a chance on over a tried performer like the Audinst? Looking for my first dac/amp and if its near as good as Cube I will probably take a punt on it as the Cube has more features that are of no use. Don't hear much bad about any Matrix gear so it should be worth a go right?
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I'm also interested in this unit. I'm surprised no one has reviewed it yet. Does anyone actually own it?

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USB dac section consists of the following


Tas 1020B

PCM 1793




headamp section



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Originally Posted by snoopy007 View Post

USB dac section consists of the following


Tas 1020B

PCM 1793




headamp section



Thanks for the info, snoopy007wink.gif 


Btw, where did you get it from? Do you have/own one of these USB DACs? biggrin.gif

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I do own one. just bought it from a local store in HK.


actually it is better than my friends aune mini usb dac mk2 regarding headphone hiss.


no hiss on phone1 (for low impedence headphone)

no hiss on phone2 (for high impedence headphone)


for a low impedence iem. The same iem has hiss on the aune mini usb dac




The reason why I open it up its because I was thinking about modifying the opamp or some of the caps. But it is tight for space, so the caps part maybe a hassle....


both opamps are in sockets


not sure how accurate I am with which cap in with which section since my background is not in electronics.



caps that I think maybe important or can be modify


power input section contains 2 caps.


1 x 10uf 50v Nichicon FW(M)

1 x 4700uf 35v Nichicon FW(M)



dac opamp section

2 x 100uf 16v surface mounted electrolyte cap ( inputs I think)

2 x 100uf 25v Nichicon fine gold (output I think)



headamp parts


power buffer

4 x 470uf 25v united chemi-con LXZ



2 x 100uf 16v surface mounted electrolyte cap ( inputs I think)

2 x 470uf 25v united chemi-con LXZ




I am thinking of replacing the following caps


2 x100uf 25v Nichicon fine gold with Elna silmic 2


4 x 470uf 25v united chemi-con LXZ with panasonic FM (they are actually the same size, 10 x16)


2 x 470uf 25v united chemi-con LXZ with Elna silmic 2 ( if I can fit it in), or panasonic FM



And I will probably try changing the opamp on the usb section only.









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Please comment on the sound produced by this unit and what resolution music files you've played.





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Good luck with those mods, snoopy007! And keep us informed about your progress... wink.gif

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I am using it with windows xp. so can't really see what resolution or frequency the dac is set at.  my files are either either cd rip flac or mp3 vbr0.



As for sound, can't really help with that because all I am looking for is a clean output for my iem from my computer. ie no hiss.  Personally, I think different headphones makes the biggest difference to the way the music sound. Because in the past I built myself a cmoy and a ra-1 and tried various op amp. And I notice that there are only subtle difference in attack of the music ( clinical or warmer) and bass slam (tight or fussy)



The main reason why I am changing caps on the device is that even if it doesn't change the sound (reality) I will still feel better because of the placebo effect :)



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Just bumping this thread to see if there are any new Matrix Rip owners out there who be willing to add their opinions?

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Must not be a very popular amp/dac I guess. I was digging around on Ebay and saw this unit listed. I had never heard of it before but I like the price and as others have said Matrix seems to produce some pretty good audio equipment from all the reviews of other units they make that I have seen. Wish someone could post at least a small review/impression of this amp. If I can't find anything on this I guess I will go with the regular M-Stage with the built-in dac but it is $100 more money.

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I needed a reasonably priced DAC/headphone amp to go with my Senn HD650s.


This amp/DAC offers amazing bang for the buck. I have owned a number of good DACs and headphone amps - is it as as good as my Violectric 200/800 combo? No way. But, teamed with a pair of rounded/smooth headphones like the HD650s, it makes a great ground floor combo.


Enough grunt (via the 2nd headphone output slot) to drive my headphones, enough bass (a little bloated, but I suspect that's the HD650s), highs OK, mids clear. No real nasties. Compact and nicely made unit. I am running AIFF files via USB from my Mac. Would have preferred a Toslink input for my glass cable, but it's OK with my Cardas USB cable. Haven't tried high-res files with the DAC and I don't have/use MP3s or the like - just rips from CDs I have on my hard drive.


Highly recommended - great value.

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