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Etymotic hf3

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I just bought a pair of these tonight because my ER4Ps are starting to go and since they're over 2 years old and I would have to pay for a repair, I decided to use this opportunity to get the hf3s.


Previous, I had purchased the mc3s because I wanted something with iPhone controls, but I never really loved them. They sounded ok, but I think I was just spoiled by the ER4s, which sound amazing even without any kind of external amp. Also, the mc3s were much bulkier and I never really found them all that comfortable.


The hf3s sound fantastic. I've always preferred accuracy over bass, and that may put me in the minority, but to my ears these are perfect.

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Its funny how similar our paths to the hf3's were. I've had my ER4-S for 10 years now, and after selling my only amp recently they sit in their case (wish I had opted for the P sometimes, because these MUST be driven hard @ 100ohms!). Sold my Grados with the amp, and held out as long as I could. But its like a switch. Once the fever hit-i had to get phones for my wait to my next biggie set. The mc3's I now realize I WANTED to like them more than I did. Once i realized i could get the hf3's for what the mc's cost me, tears of joy, haha.
The mc3's are great for sub-$100. They just weren't clear or open enough. Positionand separation were a little chaotic and lost, at least for Etymotics. But the hf3, I couldn't agree with you more. I could pay double or more than their MSRP and it would feel proper.

Since I've had the 4S, I'm curious how close the hf's sound to your 4P's?
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I love the HF3's. I have the custom ear inserts and they are very comfortable and do a great job of noise cancelling. I drive a lot for work and they are comfortable for many hours at a time. Good purchase!

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